2 Steps to Enhance Creativity (and fertility)

I am about to step into a pretty big journey personally, around fertility and creation.

I believe that we are all here to create and bring forward a unique kind of life force, that allows us to participate and co-create the life we’ve really been born to receive.

Today I wanted to share with you my personal receiving process.
Whether or not you’re a mom, or you have children or have ever wanted them, it doesn't matter.

Ultimately, inside you are a CREATOR.

That feeling of something being born inside of you...whether it’s a book, a program, an experience, or something you are there to share with the world, you can connect with that feeling of FERTILITY.

I have my own process, and as a woman, I think it’s really important for us to step out of this masculine, linear force of feeling like, “We have to”. We may need that energy later on, but in the beginning, we really need a beautiful, feminine opportunity to receive.
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Engage with the Creation & Fertility vibration inside of you

2-Part Process

    Ask yourself, “Where do I feel most open?”

    This is something that has nothing to do with Go to “doing”.Go to a place where you feel receptive.
    A place that allows you to feel open and receptive to life.
    A place that allows you to let go of those thoughts, of the “logical mind.”
    Examples: The Spa, near water, getting outside, laying on a blanket in the grass

    Inside of that space, your receiving spot, have a receiving conversation.
    This is different from a linear conversation, “Make a to-do list,” “How do I do this?”A receiving conversation requires 3 questions to be answered:

    • 1) What am I being called to EXPERIENCE?
      Look at your life, the themes, the patterns, going on in your life right now, and ask yourself this question. Allow the answer to come from a deep place.

    • 2) What am I being asked to LEARN?
      What are you being asked to learn at this particular life stage? Look at the themes, patterns, conversations, triggers, and opportunities that are showing up for you right now.

    • 3) How can that learning SERVE OTHERS?

What I have just shared with you is my exact beginning process that I use to create my programs, to create my dreams, to create my Beautiful Life, and to create everything…

Get creative!

Connect with your own fertility!

Whether it’s an actual life, a program, conversation, dream, or desire that’s moving you more towards your Beautiful Life.

roadtrips download

Click here to download the process.

I want to hear from you. How is this information serving you? I would love to hear from you,
what it is you’re seeking to CREATE in this next stage in your life.

Let me know how it goes!


roadtrips download

Click here to download the process.