2 Steps to allowing yourself to LIVE the elegant lifestyle you desire…NOW

I used to dream about living the life I am now living. It started with my desires, when I finally let myself admit them. You must allow yourself to say your desires out loud. I know it is scary and we are sometimes afraid that we can’t say it out loud because…what if we don’t get it?

Well, you will never get it of you don’t allow yourself to say it! And it is much closer and much more attainable then you think. There are so many things we can desire in our lives.
In this article, I want you to focus on the LIFESTYLE pieces you have been craving.

Make a list of specific desires you have for your lifestyle. Here are some examples that were on my list. Your list may be quite different, that is ok-just make sure it resonates with your desires, and don’t hold back.

*Have some one else do the laundry, and iron it
*Hire a chef
*Have fresh flowers in the house daily

1) Now make a list of your own, I recommend a minimum of 3-5 things. Pay attention to what feels expansive.

2) Take a look at the list and see what you can do NOW to make it happen. This is where we usually stop ourselves, not because we can’t afford it, but because we feel we don’t deserve it. Here are some ideas…

*Put an add in Craigslist (for the amount you really want to pay)

*Call the local college or high school and place an add

*Call your local florist and see if they delivery weekly flowers at a special rate

The possibilities are endless, really. You need to decide if you really want the lifestyle you desire, because when you do you truly can LIVE it.

I know it is easy to put this away and not do it, but really you can have the things you desire. But you must take action and invite them into your life.

GO ahead, make the commitment now and take a step today in living the lifestyle of your dreams.