Let it fall away…


How to Identify Negative Habits, Beliefs or Relationships in your life that you want to FALL away…

Welcome back to Paris! It has been almost 3 months since I was home and Fall is here.

There is something so supportive about allowing ourselves to really stay in tune with the seasons. When we allow ourselves to feel the support and natural tendencies of the seasons, we step into a certain level of flow.

As we are stepping into fall here…. I would like to invite you consider something.

Something that will really support you on your journey and your FemmeTypes.

“What is it that you would like to have FALL away?”


  • A Habit: Maybe it’s a habit you have picked up that is no longer in support of you and your highest good.
  • Going to bed on time
  • A Belief: Maybe you are ready to let fall away the belief that you can only create a certain amount of income; or body type
  • A Relationship: Maybe you are at a point in your life where you have outgrown something. A particular relationship, or energy that you have surrounded yourself in your group of friends, or coworkers.


Identify what you would like to change:
I would like you to identify 3-5 things; either a habit, relationship, or a belief that you are ready to let fall away.

Allow the Seasons to Support Your Journey

When you look at the fall season and you look at the leaves on the trees, it is really elegant and graceful how they allow themselves to fall away.

We get really hooked into this struggle, force and pushing we feel is necessary in order for us to shift.

Allow the Fall season to support you in what it is you would like to have FALL AWAY

Inside of that, I have something very special coming in fall for myself and for a few select women. That is our ~ Fall Paris Experience ~

There is no place like Paris!

Paris Experience: Awaken Your Beauty and Soul in Paris
This is the last Paris Experience that we are doing, of the year.

Our Fall Paris Experience is taking place in October.

Physical beauty and internal beauty aligning with who you really are as a woman.

I have seen an epidemic taking place where women are:

Forgetting what it is to be a woman

I’m not just talking about getting a manicure or pedicure, I am talking about:

Allowing yourself to be who you really are inside. Allowing yourself to be in alignment with who you truly are.

What we enter into inside of the Paris Experience is, What it really requires inside of YOU to be a woman at this point inside of your lifestage.


  • You are longing to open up into a higher level of truth and beauty
  • You are ready to allow yourself to be who you really are
  • You are being called to Paris

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There are only 9 spots left for our final Paris Experience of the year. This is the only place really aside from the Creme where you get the chance to have one-on-one exposure and connection with me.

If this is calling you, click here to see how we can work together in Paris.

What is it you would like to have Fall Away?