Summer is Coming

Today, I am joining you from the Temple of Apollo in Naxos, Greece.

We hiked up a beautiful hill to see the sun setting over the ocean.

I wanted to give you a little excitement about summer coming…

I haven’t taken an entire summer off since I was probably 13. I worked every summer from the age of 14, and on.

And I’m taking the entire summer off to be with my family and to HEAL. (Read more about this here).

So…I am really excited about this summer…

We decided to create something really special for you while I am off for the Summer!

We put together a beautiful and supportive campaign for you. In this, I will be sharing details about the following with you:

  • Summer Essentials
  • Insights on how I live my life
  • How I am able to take a summer sabbatical off

Let’s get ready to enjoy a beautiful summer!


tara bisous sign





PS. If you would like to follow us on Instagram to get to know a little more about our travels as we are sailing through Greece and on to Thailand, you can follow us @elegantfemme1.

PPS. Read below for more about the sabbatical and what it means for you.

What does Tara’s sabbatical mean for you

(a note from the Team)

Tara is on sabbatical until September. I know that she will come back with a whole new level of growth and evolution.

But…as a company, we are still “on”. As Tara shared above, we have an amazing summer planned with pre-recorded content, surprises that have never been released outside of paid programs, travel guides, style tips and soooo much more. (We are calling it the “Chic Summer Series”).

You will still have access to all your paid programs AND if you feel called, will even be able to join programs being delivered in all-new ways (more surprises!).

In June and July, our customer service department will be open to handle any of your questions. In August, we will ALL be taking a sabbatical, so while your programs will still be available, we will have very limited customer service (we will get your customer service questions in our queue, they will be answered about 1 time a week).

In short, you will be completely taken care of.

If you have any questions about this, please email us at [email protected].

Much love,

EF Team