How To Deal With Criticism

Today’s topic is something that no one likes.
It is not easy. 
It hurts… 
When I started my business, I was so scared that someone would not like me and even more scared that they would tell me about it…
And the first time it happened, I cried.
My mentor said to me, “Congratulations, you have now arrived!”
That helped…a little bit. But not much.
Find out what really helped me deal with criticism below.

**This video was done a few years ago and I have Elvira hair.  I had noooo idea how dark my hair was getting! **

I want you to know two things today:
1.) When you’re dealing with criticism, know it is part of the journey of success.
2.) When you support another woman’s success out of freedom and love, you open up to a new level of success for yourself.

How To Deal With Criticism – Action step:

Think of a time in your life when you were criticized… revisit the moment. Instead of feeling the fear, feel compassion for the other person–see their desire to succeed.

With a Sensual Breath let it go.

Think of something in your life that you really desire to experience, maybe it is speaking on stage, writing a book, holding your first tele-series.

Imagine yourself receiving wishes of success from all the women in your life.

If you are really wanting to experience your desires, I invite you to email, call, or write a woman that is having the success that you desire and offer her praise, tell her she is doing a wonderful job and that she is inspiring you to do the same.

I trust you will know confidence on how to deal with criticism.

Leave a comment – what have you been afraid to do for fear of being criticized… And what are you going to do in-spite of the fear.





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