About This Morning…(And a Special Ending)

I just got back from Yoga class and my daily morning routine.

My morning typically goes like this…

As I open my eyes and turn off my alarm (which goes off by singing Quelqu’un m’a dit), I begin with a few minutes of meditation before my Femme Flow List.

Next, I change into my yoga clothes, which must be set out the night before or my Fauxs will argue that a 7:30 am yoga class is really not necessary;). Especially on a day like today of pouring rain and thunder.

This is followed by me sneaking up the stairs in the dark, trying not to wake up Lucy (our Bichon Havanese), so Dave and the boys can get a few more minutes of sleep.

I start by lighting the candles in the kitchen and turning on the kettle. I love the mood of a dark morning with just a touch of ambient light, it feels so sensual, intimate and just for me.

As I am waiting for the hot water, I typically stretch and then turn on my iPhone to shuffle. Anything from Pachelbel to Josh Groban to Carla Bruni and even Black Eyes Peas will show up.

So by the time the boys get up, I am either slowly dancing around the kitchen or pumping my fists in the air like I am at a rave!

Simple mornings, ya know? (there’s my southern accent coming’ out.)

Then, I make the boys their smoothie, oatmeal or almond butter toast (today they requested toast.)

No matter how much we prepare the night before there is usually something that comes up.

Today it was “Mom my cleats are wet I left them outside ‘cause they stink, and it rained!”

Followed by me saying “Nico, didn’t Dad tell you to move them inside last night just incase it rained?”

With “Yeah, but I forgot, can you dry them?”

And of course since my oldest has a broken shoulder he needs help putting his shirt on and readjusting his sling.

By 7:15 today I was downstairs putting cleats in the dryer (and yes you can imagine the THUMP, THUMP, THUMP that ensued.) Which was perfect because Dave needed to get up to take the boys to school ;0.

I arrived at yoga…time for me and enjoyed a beautiful class.


After class today, I went and got my one shot of espresso and sat outside to journal, to set forward my intentions for the day and to ask spirit some clarifying questions about a new project I am working on.

As I sat there and posed the question, “Spirit what do you desire this to be about?” (which I ask multiple times a week about different things) I listened.

Remember this part when you are talking to God, remember to ask the question and then LISTEN, really LISTEN.

So often we ask a question, and another and another and another and we leave no room to hear spirit’s response.


In the quiet, I heard a response, “Come out, come out of any hiding and into the fullness of the light.

An intensely powerful and provocative journal session followed with a flow of emails, ideas, answers and clarity I have been seeking.

In result of that connection with spirit, I am going to put myself out there in a way I never have before, in a way that feels ultra vulnerable, new, and fresh (and exciting–which I feel we ALL need right now, oui?)

I am going to be sharing with you a short story series with the intention that this series entices you to open to your next level of awakening.

My intention is that you feel the series, that it comes alive for you, that it impacts you deeply.

My intention is you feel the characters–you might hate them, love them, laugh with them or cry with them…no matter what, you FEEL them.

Inside of that, you feel more of yourself, more of your soul.
My intention is that this series is fun, exciting, compelling and something you look forward to receiving and that you experience magic in your own life just by reading the series.

YES, that is my heartfelt intention.

When I think about this from an ego perspective, I feel a TON of pressure to deliver something incredible and my Fauxs begin to go crazy with self-doubt, concern, worry, and major protection defaults.

And yet, as I sit here with you today, I choose to receive a sensual breath and hand it over…

Hand it over to spirit…
I am inviting you to join me in a spirit-led short story series.


We begin Tuesday, October 17th, make sure and check your email.

With love and guiding light,


PS. Yes, this is a complimentary gift, and my intention is that we enjoy, receive, and grow into a new level of the course of this series.

PPS. As of the time I am writing this to you, only Day One of the series has been written, my writing style is like that. I allow the story and the characters to come ALIVE. Much to my husband’s dismay, this is not done or prepped and we have NO idea if it will be good–or if you will like it. We DO know that it feels aligned, new, exciting, fresh, and in accordance with Spirit’s calling at this time.

I hope you will join us on this little journey.

PPPS. What is coming up for you…when you listen. I’d love for you to share in the comments below.