3 Steps to Fulfilling One of Your Biggest Dreams, Goals or Desires… in the Next 6 Months!


What turns me on...

One thing that turns me on more than anything is seeing a woman live out one of her deepest desires.  I’ve been blessed to witness my clients step into their desires and travel the world, start businesses from scratch, and one of them even moved to Paris after meeting a man at a restaurant and now has a lasting marriage with him!  

Following the calling you have inside is not always the “easy thing to do”.  Often our desires don’t follow the rules of common sense.  We’ve been taught to follow the more “logical” route which usually has us going away from living out our dreams and desires.  

However the logical more mainstream way of living leaves many of us longing for more.  We end up watching the travel channel or reading magazines to vicariously live our dreams through others…  

The woman who goes after her dreams...

I’d like to propose that you be the one that people live like, “the woman who goes after her dreams…”  And avoid being the “someday, one day (usually never)” experience her desires person…

If I been the “someday, one day (usually never)” person, I would have stayed living in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Made sure we kept and held on to the job with the right health care…  And we would have saved for the day we got to retire and THEN I would be able to live out my dream of living in France… 

But instead, I chose another less travelled... Yet far more fulfilling way to live.

Over the past few years, I’ve moved with my husband and my 2 boys to France, built a 7 figure business, started a fashion line in Paris, sailed around the Mediterranean with my family for a month. This past February, I held my very first fashion show in Paris, that received a standing ovation and accolades from the hard-to-please French press.

 And I just recently stepped into an IVF journey to bring another soul into this world.  I am not sharing this because I am a superwoman--I am not. I am a woman who is committed to leaving no desire unturned and will follow my deepest soul’s calling no matter what!

What I’ve discovered on my journey of fulfilling these lofty, yet “unrealistic” desires is something so simple yet many women don’t realize it.

There is a system (pathway) for a motivated woman like yourself to achieve and live out your unique desires and dreams in a short period of time.


Step 1 – Get clear on what it is you want to experience...

“If you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what you are going to get…” or
“If you don’t know what you want, you’re likely to get whatever…”

Forest Gump was half right in his assessment that “Life’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get”…  I propose that if you knew you wanted dark chocolate, then intend on and buy the box of dark chocolates…  And voila...now you know exactly what you’re gonna get!

This step is the most basic of basic…  But time and time again, I see well-intentioned women who are not clear on what their desires are!  They aren’t tuned in enough to listen to their intuition (Indie) and connect with what it is they truly want and desire to experience.  


I see women who know what they want… But they don’t follow the urges and signs to experience their desires now. They hold off for better timing…  Or tomorrow, when everything will be aligned to have that dream come true.

Either way, you have a choice.  Let them slip away...  Look back and say “I wish I would have done (fill in the blank with something you’ve always dreamed of doing)”.  

Or you can live a more fulfilling and soul inspired life and live out your desires now!

If you aren’t sure what your most authentic and deepest desires are, then now is the time to put attention and intention on what lights you up….

Here are a few questions for you to answer to get you going in the right direction.

  • What have you always wanted to do but have been afraid to admit to anyone else?
  • Imagine you are going back to talk to yourself after graduating high school or college…  If you could do anything from that moment without limits of kids, bills, jobs or husbands;) what would it be?
  • Don’t think too much about this final question.  Just allow what comes up to come up.  What is something inspiring that you see someone else doing that would light you up…  It can be something really small (like how someone you respect talks with their kids)….  Or it can be really big (like moving to another country or taking acting classes)

And if you know what your desires and dreams are, but you haven’t acted on them quite yet then NOW IS THE TIME!  

You’re not getting any younger.  (And it’s NEVER too late!)

You have the capability to bring these experiences into your life.  That’s why they are here.

You are thinking about these dreams because your soul wants to experience them.  I come from the school of thought it’s either this lifetime or the next.

So what are you waiting for?

At Elegant Femme we hold a semi-annual free training called Sensual Planning Day that helps modern day, conscious women just like you put you and your desires back into your life.

I’d love to have you join us and make impactful movement with your dream/desire.  Click here to register for this free online event.

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Step 2 – Determine ONE thing you can do to

move in the direction of this desire

Sometimes when we look at a dream or desire we can make it feel big.  

HUGE in fact.

The enormity of the desire seems so out of touch.  And so far away that we don’t feel like it’s attainable.

It’s true… often when you look at a goal, dream or desire from the end result it can feel daunting.  For example, my dream of “Move to France” -- that is overwhelming because there isn’t a clear thing to DO. (I’ll share later about the New Yorker FemmeType™ and how she assists you with taking strategic action).

If you look at it in smaller steps it feels so much more manageable. My husband calls it… “chunking it down”.   I prefer “baby steps”. Currently, one of my biggest desires it to have another baby so let’s use baby steps from here on out.  Why not put it out there;).

Here are some of the “Baby Steps”  I took to make it possible to have my family move to France.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It was a very big and scary dream of mine.  It made no logical sense.  But it was calling me.  And I wanted it.  So I took some baby steps to make it happen.

Baby Step 1 - I imagined I was there… I started getting dropped off at the grocery store in Arizona and would buy a baguette and walk to my home (2 miles away in 100-degree heat!), so that I could start to feel like I was living in France.  

Baby step 2 - I did some research... I bought a book from International living on how to move to France.   Seems obvious right?  This book made all the difference in the world to me.  It gave me practical ideas and steps I needed to take to do the most basic things in France.  IE get a bank account, visa etc. When I bought this book I was not “ready” to move to France.  It was still in the idea phase.  But getting this book was super inspiring to me… And it kept me excited about making it a reality.  

Baby Step 3 - I shifted my priorities… We started downsizing our living arrangements so it would be possible to move and not have so much stuff.  This served dual purposes.  We also were able to lower expenses in the process that allowed me to build Elegant Femme and have my husband leave his “steady” job to join me.

Baby Step 4 - I looked for additional ways to make it happen… I started Elegant Femme, our virtual company so it would be possible to make money and live anywhere (France;).

There were other baby steps, but you can see taking them 1 at a time made a huge impact on it being BELIEVABLE for me.  I started having smaller wins… building confidence.  And then I was more ready to make the move.


Step 3 – Spend focused time on your desire!

Again a very obvious step, but so many dreams never materialize because no attention gets put towards them.

If you don’t spend time on your desires they won’t happen.

The next step is to spend focused time on you and your desires.  Put time in your calendar to work on steps 1 and 2.   This is a step that I guide you through during our upcoming workshop, Sensual Planning Day.  You can sign up to join us below. I will guide you through a specific process to put YOUR desires into your calendar.   Sensual Planning Day is this Saturday, June 25th at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern / 6 pm Paris.  You will have focused time to put into your goals, dreams and desires so they can materialize in the next 6 months.

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