6 FALL Self-care Tips You Will Love

One of the top things I hear women say is “I know I need more self-care” BUT the comment that follows is “I am so busy, I don’t have the time or extra money.”

It’s easy to fall into this mindset and yet, women know deep down they require to take care of themselves.

For me self-care is not an option, it is a necessity. When I am not caring for myself regularly EVERYONE is my family feels it, honestly everyone!


Instead of feeling guilty about self-care, I know I am doing everyone a favor by honoring myself.

I am a better mother, better wife and better business woman when I allow myself to be a priority in my life.

I invite you to do the same. My favorite fall self-care tips are below…


1. Schedule a Frenchie Friday. Pourquoi? So you make time for self-care. Friday’s are my Frenchie days and also the days I dedicate to self-care. This does not mean I do not care for myself other days, but this way I have dedicated time in my calendar and I am not trying to fit it in and end up forgetting about it. 2. Care for your hair: Go to the salon or buy a deep conditioner. Pourquoi? For me going to the salon is such a treat and I adore being pampered in this way. I feel it actually saves me time because I can write emails or journal while I am getting my hair done. Doing it at home actually take me more time! To be budget conscious you can get a light trim and add a tint to your hair instead of going for a full color, or just get a blow out. It makes such a difference. 3. Stretch first thing in the morning: Take 3-5 minutes to move your body first thing. Don’t even leave your room, just allow yourself to move right away. Pourquoi? During the transition to fall our bodies can start to feel the effects of the shift is weather, moving will fuel your day and is such a powerful form of self-care. 4. Wear a skirt.: Pourquoi? Wearing a skirt is so feminine and allows you feel your body in a different way. A Skirt is such an easy fall transition piece and can be paired with a sweater, a t-shirt and a jean jacket or a silk blouse. 5. Play with nail polish: Finding a beautiful brown/red or brown/pink is a gorgeous way to begin to transition into the fall season. Pourquoi? Allow this to be fun! Polish can take a simple jeans a t-shirt to a completely chic fall classic. AND when your nails are clean and polished you present yourself as a woman who is honoring her self-care. 6. Go outside and allow the sun to touch your face: Pourquoi? When summer ends and school begins women tend to pack up the beach bag and trade it in for the briefcase. NO! Continue to spend time outdoors. In fact getting 5-8 minutes of sunshine on your face every day will allow you to feel healthier, lower depression, and open up your creative channels.

Click here for a downloadable version of favorite Fall Self-Care Tips

I encourage you to choose ONE or TWO that you will incorporate this week. You don’t have to do all of them, in fact, you don’t have to do any of them!

Self-Care isn’t a chore…

One of the most powerful things about self-care is that it is a choice and the sooner we allow ourselves to choose, the better we feel and the less we resent ourselves or others.

What does Self-Care mean to you?

Self-care is personal…it means something different to all of us. Your Frenchie Friday will be very different from mine.

What does self-care look like for you?

What makes you feel like you are honoring yourself?

Take some time with this question, it will allow you to be excited and follow-through with what you choose..

Maybe you don’t care about doing your nails. Perhaps for you, self-care is taking a nap…or climbing a tree.

What would have impact and meaning for you?

Going Deeper…

If you are new to the FemmeTypes, I invite you to take the FemmeType™ Quiz here. The FemmeTypes™ are an internal technology that will assist you in getting a clearer idea of what self-care means to you.


PS. I want to hear from you…what are your favorite self-care tips? Let me know in the comments below.