Living in Paris has enriched my life in so many ways.  Deep down, my FemmeTypes™ have been opened to a new level of receiving my world. We have chosen to live abroad with our children to open their minds and their hearts to what is possible for them. Living here I have learned so much from French women, how they act, eat, love and laugh…(well sometimes they laugh;).

I invite you to find a new level of beauty, to live your dream, to have your best version of a beautiful life. Of course, we can all learn from every culture’s lifestyle habits, but the French do have a joy of life that we can all agree is unique.

Below I share with you, what I call The 7 Lifestyle Habits American Women can learn from Spending Time in Paris.




For the French woman, every item of clothing is carefully chosen, almost curated. It’s not just thrown together, although that is what they would love for you to think. The French have such an elegant style, you don’t want the ‘total look’ favored by a lot of American women, it’s too overdone. My mantra when picking out clothes is ‘dressy and messy’. Think jeans and heels, perfect manicure and pedicure with messy hair, a simple, tailored and elegant pantsuit with white sneakers. The key is not to look overdone.

Are you hungry?

I used to think that all French women could eat just about anything they wanted without putting on weight and that there must be something different in their DNA. Sadly, this is simply not the case.

Yes, the French are known for their culinary delights, and before I came to France, I imagined that every meal was seven courses of indulgence. French women don’t deny themselves treats; however, they are also aware when to stop. For example, a croissant on Saturday morning vs. every day. A piece of tiny dark chocolate with their tea…

Most French women they allow themselves “guilty” pleasures, not that they would ever feel guilty, foie grois at Noel? Bien sur! Raclette during the ski season? Bah Oui! There are certain types of food you eat at different times of year, and I LOVE this. I can remember sitting down with my girlfriend, and she said, “Oh I am so excited to have the first melon of the season with you!” In France, they pay attention to the season of foods and the timing!

Also, French women do not snack. When I lived in the USA food was available ALL the time. The kitchen was open 24/7. Not so here is France. Breakfast is typically between 8-9, lunch is between 12-2, Coffee/tea time at 4 pm and dinner between 8-10pm. If a French woman is going out for a big dinner, then she’ll have a small lunch, or she might skip her lunch altogether. It’s not about denial; however, it’s about not over indulgence either.


Are they rude?


The French value their privacy. They don’t typically smile at everyone and talk loudly in public; this can often be mistaken for rudeness. In fact, for the French it is this kind of behavior that they consider rude. They consider it an invasion of privacy.

Once you know someone in France though, what do they do? They kiss you. Bisous! Privacy is not about hiding; it’s about not over-sharing. So less is more. There’s a different level of privacy here; it can be mysterious and powerful, sensual and romantic. Consider whispering the next time you are out in public or at a restaurant with your lover. It can be a much more intimate experience. Also, consider keeping some secrets to yourself and feel the power in honoring the silence.

When women come to Paris, they are introduced to a different way of doing, being and ENJOYING! Which is why it is a perfect place to activate the FemmeTypes. Coming into this culture can open you to a deep level of respect and appreciation for things being different. This opens your eyes and your heart to the changes you may be seeking to make in your life.

When people talk to me about why we live here, one of the first things they say is “Wow, your kids speak fluent French?” And yes they do....however to me it is SO much more than that.

My children are learning there is more than one way to say something, do something and experience something in life. They are opening their ability to impact and influence the world in their way by learning there is not only ONE way to experience life.


By posture, I mean, how you hold yourself in the world and how to walk with confidence. When we’re hiding, it shows. Be aware of how you walk, about how you sit, and about how you’re presenting yourself. You can receive attention and feel safe. Try walking confidently, powerfully and see how differently people respond to you, you’ll be amazed.

Simple Pleasures

Even when there are 25 people in line behind you at the Patisserie, they will take their time to wrap your pastry as if they have all the time in the world; they will wrap it beautifully and take such care with the detail. To me that makes such a difference; it somehow makes it taste better.

For some women, simple pleasures are saved as a luxury. To me, this is madness; life is so short, and we should live every day with passion and beauty.

Don’t save your wedding gift china for Christmas or Thanksgiving, use it every day.

Don’t hide your new handbag away in its box and only bring it out on special occasions; use your Birkin as a beach bag because what’s the point of having beautiful things if you’re not enjoying them.

Beauty Regime and
Self Care

When I lived in LA, the idea of skincare was so different compared to how skincare is perceived in France. I’m talking about creams, and lotions and having a real skincare routine. In America, it’s all about the fix, the facelift, injections and botox, i.e. last minute fixes for a lifetime of bad habits.

It’s not uncommon for French women to spend 20 minutes cleansing, moisturizing and caring for their skin every day. It’s the ritual, the self-honoring and taking time to honor your body. To a French woman, washing your face before bed is just as vital as brushing your teeth. They would never dream of going to bed without doing this. I do this now without thinking, and it has changed my life.


Self Loving Discipline
A.K.A. lèche vitrine

Have you ever felt pressure to buy something in a shop just because you asked to try it on? In France, women don’t feel pressure to consume, not just with clothes but with everything. From now on, try to enter a store with the intention of not buying anything at all. Do not look at the price tag, ask to try on the most beautiful thing you can find, try it on, enjoy it and then walk out. It takes confidence to walk away, and this is what is so important, to have confidence in yourself is a necessity.

To summarize these 7 habits, the French have a ‘je ne sais quoi’ attitude. They have a certain nonchalance, which gives them such freedom to be who they really are.

It’s not about changing; it’s about truly being, embracing your soul and being the very best version of yourself.

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