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Welcome back to the Chic Summer Series. We are sharing the best content to assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. These videos were recorded a couple of years ago, but the principles are true.

“Beauty equals truth and truth equals beauty”

~ John Keats

A couple of years ago, I shared something that might have been shocking. I’m not here to help you manifest your dream life. That is not the purpose of Elegant Femme.

I believe that beauty is EVERYTHING.

And there is a big difference between manifesting your dream life and living a beautiful life.

An important difference.

When you are looking to manifest your dream life, you are creating something in the future.

Living a beautiful life is not something in the future. It happens now.

You can embody your unique beautiful life now.

And this week, I’m sharing HOW to do this. In our 3-part beauty school to assist you in connecting with your Frenchie AND create YOUR beautiful life.

You will learn:

  1. The #1 question you need to ask to live your beautiful life
  2. The advanced beauty equation
  3. Exactly how to move towards your beautiful life

I was afraid if I stepped too far outside of the norm I would be abandoned, left behind, secretly laughed at, talked bad about…

Well, I did it anyway! From moving to France (and leaving it) with two little boys (which no one said I could do;) to growing a 7-figure business based on sensuality, beauty and the FemmeTypes™, to launching a fashion line and growing more and more into a beautiful marriage of 15 yrs... And now...taking new big steps that support my beautiful life–like taking a sabbatical this summer!!!

I share this with you because there is an ache and a longing inside us to live our most fulfilled lives. What we are called to create at every life stage of our Beautiful life changes.

Wherever you are in your life, it is time to stretch into the next stage of your Beautiful life and today I'm sharing HOW I did it and continue to do it!

And you can too.

I'm sharing something with you today that will take your life to another level--and it's my complete gift to you.

If you are feeling unsettled, unsatisfied, bored, or you’re aware you've outgrown your current life--THIS is for you;)

Step 1 – Your Beauty Starts Here


What aspect of yourself are you currently denying?

What does that mean?

The basis of your beautiful life is the FemmeTypes™.

Foundation of the FemmeTypes™


  • Balance
  • Inner knowing and strength
  • Calm
  • Peace amid the storm
  • Your Truth



  • Body image
  • Relationships
  • Enjoying
  • Pleasure


New Yorker

  • Organization
  • Power
  • Strategy
  • Prosperity




The first step is to assess which aspect you are currently ignoring.

What aspect of yourself are you currently denying?

Is it your Indie...your Frenchie...or your New Yorker?

Step 2– The Advanced Beauty Equation

About 3 or 4 years ago I came across a quote that changed my life. I suddenly felt permission to live my life more freely and my beauty more openly.

I've shared the quote with many women over the years. It's by John Keats:

"Beauty=truth and truth= beauty

That is all ye on earth need to know."

This is a gorgeous quote, but it's incomplete for the modern woman. I know it feels brave to question Mr Keats;).

But we need more!

And without this piece of the equation you will not fully receive your beautiful life.

Yes, you may get a part of it...I don't know about you but I'm done settling for crumbs;).

You’ve heard me say that truth = beauty and beauty = truth.

This changed my life. But it doesn’t end there.

Beauty = movement.

This is the next stage of evolution for you as a modern woman.

Once you have identified what aspect of yourself you are currently denying - you have to move.

Beauty is not stagnant.

What FemmeType™ do we require here?

Your New Yorker

What is the opposite of beauty?

Stagnation–stuck, blocked, confused.

You must allow yourself to have movement–to have life. To have force in order to have a beautiful life.

What movement are you required to make?

This is where I started to look at international house hunter magazine, maybe this is about leaving your job - conscious, intellectual movement. Maybe it is your sleep schedule. Now it is time to move - what is your next level of movement in your beautiful life. Make sure it is in accordance with the aspects you are denying.

Step 3 – It's not always pretty; but it is always beautiful

It was time for me to get down and dirty.

My stand for beauty is taking me to new levels...

Are you ready?

This is what happens in step 3 of Beauty School.

I realized I wasn’t happy in Arizona...I wanted to travel...I wanted to live in France...I wanted to expose my children to a different culture, and different life.

So...I started to move. I walked in Arizona–with a baguette under my arm. I subscribed to International Living.

I ordered a book on how to live in France–I started researching.

When you commit to that movement and you start to move toward your beautiful life.

Then... it gets REALLY messy-- things go chaotic. Your husband doesn't understand what you are doing.

It can get really messy.

If that happens you are on the right track.

It’s not always pretty, but it IS always beautiful.

What FemmeType™ do you need right now?

Your Indie.

You need that piece that believes that you deserve it.

It takes courage to go against the grain.

It gets messy--and in those moments your Indie is there for you.

Its ok that it gets messy.

And you deserve it.

You deserve it.

I can't wait to see what you experienced inside of this...share in the comments below.







PS. Wondering what the “Chic Summer Series” is? During the summer of 2017, I am taking a sabbatical, and we created a summer FULL of content to assist you in living YOUR unique beautiful life. You can read more about the sabbatical here.

PPS. Are you ready to meet your unique FemmeTypes? We go deeper into each one (including your Natural Essence) inside of our foundational program, Live You Fully. Get all the details here.