Big news for you and a little trip to the ER for me!

So... Originally we had a plan (you know how well plans work out sometimes;)

We were scheduled to close down registration and all bonuses for Trés Power of Sensuality yesterday.

Well...there was so much going on yesterday that I forgot to tell you about a huge announcement, so we are giving you until tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm EST to join!  And…

  • Receive the Femme Chateau bonus
  • Receive the Femme Design Assessment (1-on-1 Coaching Session dedicated to you and your unique life in regards to your FemmeTypes)
  • Receive an upgrade to the new Live You Fully program, which will be released this October (a $497 program)

Oui Oui!

Join Trés Power of Sensuality here and receive all of the bonuses...