I am about to step into a pretty big journey personally, around fertility and creation.

I believe that we are all here to create and bring forward a unique kind of life force, that allows us to participate and co-create the life we’ve really been born to receive.

Today I wanted to share with you my personal receiving process.
Whether or not you’re a mom, or you have children or have ever wanted them, it doesn't matter.

Ultimately, inside you are a CREATOR.

That feeling of something being born inside of you...whether it’s a book, a program, an experience, or something you are there to share with the world, you can connect with that feeling of FERTILITY.

I have my own process, and as a woman, I think it’s really important for us to step out of this masculine, linear force of feeling like, “We have to”. We may need that energy later on, but in the beginning, we really need a beautiful, feminine opportunity to receive.
roadtrips download

Click here to download the process.

Engage with the Creation & Fertility vibration inside of you

2-Part Process

    Ask yourself, “Where do I feel most open?”

    This is something that has nothing to do with Go to “doing”.Go to a place where you feel receptive.
    A place that allows you to feel open and receptive to life.
    A place that allows you to let go of those thoughts, of the “logical mind.”
    Examples: The Spa, near water, getting outside, laying on a blanket in the grass

    Inside of that space, your receiving spot, have a receiving conversation.
    This is different from a linear conversation, “Make a to-do list,” “How do I do this?”A receiving conversation requires 3 questions to be answered:

    • 1) What am I being called to EXPERIENCE?
      Look at your life, the themes, the patterns, going on in your life right now, and ask yourself this question. Allow the answer to come from a deep place.

    • 2) What am I being asked to LEARN?
      What are you being asked to learn at this particular life stage? Look at the themes, patterns, conversations, triggers, and opportunities that are showing up for you right now.

    • 3) How can that learning SERVE OTHERS?

What I have just shared with you is my exact beginning process that I use to create my programs, to create my dreams, to create my Beautiful Life, and to create everything…

Get creative!

Connect with your own fertility!

Whether it’s an actual life, a program, conversation, dream, or desire that’s moving you more towards your Beautiful Life.

roadtrips download

Click here to download the process.

I want to hear from you. How is this information serving you? I would love to hear from you,
what it is you’re seeking to CREATE in this next stage in your life.

Let me know how it goes!


roadtrips download

Click here to download the process.

Living in Paris has enriched my life in so many ways.  Deep down, my FemmeTypes™ have been opened to a new level of receiving my world. We have chosen to live abroad with our children to open their minds and their hearts to what is possible for them. Living here I have learned so much from French women, how they act, eat, love and laugh…(well sometimes they laugh;).

I invite you to find a new level of beauty, to live your dream, to have your best version of a beautiful life. Of course, we can all learn from every culture’s lifestyle habits, but the French do have a joy of life that we can all agree is unique.
Below I share with you, what I call The 7 Lifestyle Habits American Women can learn from Spending Time in Paris.




For the French woman, every item of clothing is carefully chosen, almost curated. It’s not just thrown together, although that is what they would love for you to think. The French have such an elegant style, you don’t want the ‘total look’ favored by a lot of American women, it’s too overdone. My mantra when picking out clothes is ‘dressy and messy’. Think jeans and heels, perfect manicure and pedicure with messy hair, a simple, tailored and elegant pantsuit with white sneakers. The key is not to look overdone.

Are you hungry?

I used to think that all French women could eat just about anything they wanted without putting on weight and that there must be something different in their DNA. Sadly, this is simply not the case.
Yes, the French are known for their culinary delights, and before I came to France, I imagined that every meal was seven courses of indulgence. French women don’t deny themselves treats; however, they are also aware when to stop. For example, a croissant on Saturday morning vs. every day. A piece of tiny dark chocolate with their tea…

Most French women they allow themselves “guilty” pleasures, not that they would ever feel guilty, foie grois at Noel? Bien sur! Raclette during the ski season? Bah Oui! There are certain types of food you eat at different times of year, and I LOVE this. I can remember sitting down with my girlfriend, and she said, “Oh I am so excited to have the first melon of the season with you!” In France, they pay attention to the season of foods and the timing!

Also, French women do not snack. When I lived in the USA food was available ALL the time. The kitchen was open 24/7. Not so here is France. Breakfast is typically between 8-9, lunch is between 12-2, Coffee/tea time at 4 pm and dinner between 8-10pm. If a French woman is going out for a big dinner, then she’ll have a small lunch, or she might skip her lunch altogether. It’s not about denial; however, it’s about not over indulgence either.


Are they rude?


The French value their privacy. They don’t typically smile at everyone and talk loudly in public; this can often be mistaken for rudeness. In fact, for the French it is this kind of behavior that they consider rude. They consider it an invasion of privacy.

Once you know someone in France though, what do they do? They kiss you. Bisous! Privacy is not about hiding; it’s about not over-sharing. So less is more. There’s a different level of privacy here; it can be mysterious and powerful, sensual and romantic. Consider whispering the next time you are out in public or at a restaurant with your lover. It can be a much more intimate experience. Also, consider keeping some secrets to yourself and feel the power in honoring the silence.

When women come to Paris, they are introduced to a different way of doing, being and ENJOYING! Which is why it is a perfect place to activate the FemmeTypes. Coming into this culture can open you to a deep level of respect and appreciation for things being different. This opens your eyes and your heart to the changes you may be seeking to make in your life.

When people talk to me about why we live here, one of the first things they say is “Wow, your kids speak fluent French?” And yes they do....however to me it is SO much more than that.

My children are learning there is more than one way to say something, do something and experience something in life. They are opening their ability to impact and influence the world in their way by learning there is not only ONE way to experience life.


By posture, I mean, how you hold yourself in the world and how to walk with confidence. When we’re hiding, it shows. Be aware of how you walk, about how you sit, and about how you’re presenting yourself. You can receive attention and feel safe. Try walking confidently, powerfully and see how differently people respond to you, you’ll be amazed.

Simple Pleasures

Even when there are 25 people in line behind you at the Patisserie, they will take their time to wrap your pastry as if they have all the time in the world; they will wrap it beautifully and take such care with the detail. To me that makes such a difference; it somehow makes it taste better.

For some women, simple pleasures are saved as a luxury. To me, this is madness; life is so short, and we should live every day with passion and beauty.

Don’t save your wedding gift china for Christmas or Thanksgiving, use it every day.

Don’t hide your new handbag away in its box and only bring it out on special occasions; use your Birkin as a beach bag because what’s the point of having beautiful things if you’re not enjoying them.

Beauty Regime and
Self Care

When I lived in LA, the idea of skincare was so different compared to how skincare is perceived in France. I’m talking about creams, and lotions and having a real skincare routine. In America, it’s all about the fix, the facelift, injections and botox, i.e. last minute fixes for a lifetime of bad habits.

It’s not uncommon for French women to spend 20 minutes cleansing, moisturizing and caring for their skin every day. It’s the ritual, the self-honoring and taking time to honor your body. To a French woman, washing your face before bed is just as vital as brushing your teeth. They would never dream of going to bed without doing this. I do this now without thinking, and it has changed my life.


Self Loving Discipline
A.K.A. lèche vitrine

Have you ever felt pressure to buy something in a shop just because you asked to try it on? In France, women don’t feel pressure to consume, not just with clothes but with everything. From now on, try to enter a store with the intention of not buying anything at all. Do not look at the price tag, ask to try on the most beautiful thing you can find, try it on, enjoy it and then walk out. It takes confidence to walk away, and this is what is so important, to have confidence in yourself is a necessity.

To summarize these 7 habits, the French have a ‘je ne sais quoi’ attitude. They have a certain nonchalance, which gives them such freedom to be who they really are.

It’s not about changing; it’s about truly being, embracing your soul and being the very best version of yourself.

We have our RESET your life in Paris event coming at the end of October. If you are called to make a powerful shift in your life click here to schedule a call with me to discuss this... You'll see a brief questionnaire to fill out before we schedule the call to discuss more details about what may be waiting for you in Paris.

The women who attend will spend 2.5 days with me in my Parisian apartement receiving my personal guidance and feedback on their unique situation.


“It’s no longer working”, I allowed myself to finally say it out loud with almost a deep cry.

I instantly felt relief followed by a compounding fear.  “What did this mean? How was this going to affect everything?”

I wanted to speak to you about something pretty tender today. It feels very present for me because it is September, and what we call here in France, “la rentrée“, which means “the re-entry” or “back to school” in the US.

All the the kids are getting ready, and all of this hustle and bustle, and I am reminded of a HUGE decision my husband and I made last year…

I feel like a lot of women can relate to this feeling of

                        Something’s no longer working…

A little background on our decision:

This decision is not something that came easy for me, as I come from a family of educators.

This is not easy for me to admit.

But, there were a lot of days where my youngest son was coming home crying, or I was stressing about doing homework, trying to manage doing all of these different pieces.

I want to be clear when I say this, FOR US, it was no longer working.

I am not saying that anyone needs to do what we do by any means. In fact I believe the exact opposite.

“It’s not about following one way, It’s about allowing yourself to create a unique path for you, that works at any given life stage”

I remember the cry of relief one night when I admitted to myself that it WASN’T WORKING

Identifying what isn’t working:
For us, the conventional school system wasn’t working. We chose to take our kids out of the conventional school system.

This last year was not easy, but I can tell you it was absolutely worth it.

Following a deep and authentic truth:
The reason why it was working is because my husband and I were following a deep authentic truth inside of us.

It takes a lot of courage to admit what’s not working!

Facing the challenge:
It is challenging when what we feel is so separate from what we have been doing. Or so separate from what society has been doing.

Then we recognize in our inner truth, that it’s no longer working for us, it’s no longer serving us in our lives.

We come to a realization that,

                           Maybe it’s time to ADMIT  it’s no longer working

It is really not easy to admit why things aren’t working.
Because it is a HUGE shift in identity when you realize that something is not working.

Questions that come up:

  • What am I going to do with it?
  • How am I going to move forward inside of that?

In order to really LIVE FULLY  inside of my life, it is really important that I am able to REFINE & DEFINE what it is that is working or no longer working inside of my life

What I am inviting you to do:

  • Identify what it is that is no longer working in your life
  • Make a list of 3 things that you are aware are no longer working

Please share your thoughts about this with me!

This is a big topic of conversation within me, and a lot of my clients.

                            It is time to admit: What’s working & what’s not working?


Ps. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below to let me know if you have any additional tips to share on making bold decisions with the Elegant Femme community.


One of the top things I hear women say is “I know I need more self-care” BUT the comment that follows is “I am so busy, I don’t have the time or extra money.”

It’s easy to fall into this mindset and yet, women know deep down they require to take care of themselves.

For me self-care is not an option, it is a necessity. When I am not caring for myself regularly EVERYONE is my family feels it, honestly everyone!


Instead of feeling guilty about self-care, I know I am doing everyone a favor by honoring myself.

I am a better mother, better wife and better business woman when I allow myself to be a priority in my life.

I invite you to do the same. My favorite fall self-care tips are below...


1. Schedule a Frenchie Friday. Pourquoi? So you make time for self-care. Friday’s are my Frenchie days and also the days I dedicate to self-care. This does not mean I do not care for myself other days, but this way I have dedicated time in my calendar and I am not trying to fit it in and end up forgetting about it. 2. Care for your hair: Go to the salon or buy a deep conditioner. Pourquoi? For me going to the salon is such a treat and I adore being pampered in this way. I feel it actually saves me time because I can write emails or journal while I am getting my hair done. Doing it at home actually take me more time! To be budget conscious you can get a light trim and add a tint to your hair instead of going for a full color, or just get a blow out. It makes such a difference. 3. Stretch first thing in the morning: Take 3-5 minutes to move your body first thing. Don't even leave your room, just allow yourself to move right away. Pourquoi? During the transition to fall our bodies can start to feel the effects of the shift is weather, moving will fuel your day and is such a powerful form of self-care. 4. Wear a skirt.: Pourquoi? Wearing a skirt is so feminine and allows you feel your body in a different way. A Skirt is such an easy fall transition piece and can be paired with a sweater, a t-shirt and a jean jacket or a silk blouse. 5. Play with nail polish: Finding a beautiful brown/red or brown/pink is a gorgeous way to begin to transition into the fall season. Pourquoi? Allow this to be fun! Polish can take a simple jeans a t-shirt to a completely chic fall classic. AND when your nails are clean and polished you present yourself as a woman who is honoring her self-care. 6. Go outside and allow the sun to touch your face: Pourquoi? When summer ends and school begins women tend to pack up the beach bag and trade it in for the briefcase. NO! Continue to spend time outdoors. In fact getting 5-8 minutes of sunshine on your face every day will allow you to feel healthier, lower depression, and open up your creative channels.

Click here for a downloadable version of favorite Fall Self-Care Tips

I encourage you to choose ONE or TWO that you will incorporate this week. You don’t have to do all of them, in fact, you don’t have to do any of them!

Self-Care isn’t a chore...

One of the most powerful things about self-care is that it is a choice and the sooner we allow ourselves to choose, the better we feel and the less we resent ourselves or others.

What does Self-Care mean to you?

Self-care is personal...it means something different to all of us. Your Frenchie Friday will be very different from mine.

What does self-care look like for you?

What makes you feel like you are honoring yourself?

Take some time with this question, it will allow you to be excited and follow-through with what you choose..

Maybe you don’t care about doing your nails. Perhaps for you, self-care is taking a nap...or climbing a tree.

What would have impact and meaning for you?

Going Deeper...

If you are new to the FemmeTypes, I invite you to take the FemmeType™ Quiz here. The FemmeTypes™ are an internal technology that will assist you in getting a clearer idea of what self-care means to you.


PS. I want to hear from you...what are your favorite self-care tips? Let me know in the comments below.


How to Identify Negative Habits, Beliefs or Relationships in your life that you want to FALL away...

Welcome back to Paris! It has been almost 3 months since I was home and Fall is here.

There is something so supportive about allowing ourselves to really stay in tune with the seasons. When we allow ourselves to feel the support and natural tendencies of the seasons, we step into a certain level of flow.

As we are stepping into fall here…. I would like to invite you consider something.

Something that will really support you on your journey and your FemmeTypes.

“What is it that you would like to have FALL away?”


  • A Habit: Maybe it’s a habit you have picked up that is no longer in support of you and your highest good.
  • Going to bed on time
  • A Belief: Maybe you are ready to let fall away the belief that you can only create a certain amount of income; or body type
  • A Relationship: Maybe you are at a point in your life where you have outgrown something. A particular relationship, or energy that you have surrounded yourself in your group of friends, or coworkers.


Identify what you would like to change:
I would like you to identify 3-5 things; either a habit, relationship, or a belief that you are ready to let fall away.

Allow the Seasons to Support Your Journey

When you look at the fall season and you look at the leaves on the trees, it is really elegant and graceful how they allow themselves to fall away.

We get really hooked into this struggle, force and pushing we feel is necessary in order for us to shift.

Allow the Fall season to support you in what it is you would like to have FALL AWAY

Inside of that, I have something very special coming in fall for myself and for a few select women. That is our ~ Fall Paris Experience ~

There is no place like Paris!

Paris Experience: Awaken Your Beauty and Soul in Paris
This is the last Paris Experience that we are doing, of the year.

Our Fall Paris Experience is taking place in October.

Physical beauty and internal beauty aligning with who you really are as a woman.

I have seen an epidemic taking place where women are:

Forgetting what it is to be a woman

I’m not just talking about getting a manicure or pedicure, I am talking about:

Allowing yourself to be who you really are inside. Allowing yourself to be in alignment with who you truly are.

What we enter into inside of the Paris Experience is, What it really requires inside of YOU to be a woman at this point inside of your lifestage.


  • You are longing to open up into a higher level of truth and beauty
  • You are ready to allow yourself to be who you really are
  • You are being called to Paris

Then, click here for more information!


There are only 9 spots left for our final Paris Experience of the year. This is the only place really aside from the Creme where you get the chance to have one-on-one exposure and connection with me.

If this is calling you, click here to see how we can work together in Paris.

What is it you would like to have Fall Away?



My family and I recently took a 5-day road trip and traveled across the USA by car. No, I’m not crazy;).

It was one of the more rewarding experiences I’ve had with my husband and our two boys.

It also happens to be the longest road trip I’ve taken since I was a little girl when I drove with my father, brother, and our dog from NY to California.

Looking back on my childhood I still think about that road trip as one of the most meaningful experiences I had as a little girl. I still remember staying in the Motel 6 and eating at KFC as we made our way across America while my dad had our undivided attention.

There is something about the open road and being together that fuels me.

The only agenda being how far we were going to go that day and to watch the gorgeous landscape change with every state. Because I felt NO pressure to get anything done, I actually was very productive. I even created a new website for TARA Paris (coming soon). We journaled, talked, sang and ate Big League Chew.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 오전 12.53.51

You may or may not like road trips, but they have become a part of our formula as a family. We are going to start doing them once a month (thanks to a team member suggestion).

We found that the connection, the freedom and the opportunity to be in a small space together is something we love.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 오전 12.56.15

In today's busy world, I found such peace in connecting with myself and my family on the open road.

Here is a little guide I created that may support you on your next road trip.

roadtrips download

I would love to hear from you...

What is it that you do to connect with your family?


P.S. If you are interested in more travel tips, we created the Elegant Femme Summer Travel Guide. Women are LOVING this, it includes: How to travel first-class (no matter what), the PERFECT travel checklist, and the key to peaceful packing (this is huge! So many of us are so excited to travel, but feel stress when it comes to packing). Click here to receive the complete Elegant Femme Travel Guide.

Even though summer is coming to a close, the tips in this guide are timeless.

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So... Originally we had a plan (you know how well plans work out sometimes;)

We were scheduled to close down registration and all bonuses for Trés Power of Sensuality yesterday.

Well...there was so much going on yesterday that I forgot to tell you about a huge announcement, so we are giving you until tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm EST to join!  And…

  • Receive the Femme Chateau bonus
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Oui Oui!

Join Trés Power of Sensuality here and receive all of the bonuses...



What turns me on...

One thing that turns me on more than anything is seeing a woman live out one of her deepest desires.  I’ve been blessed to witness my clients step into their desires and travel the world, start businesses from scratch, and one of them even moved to Paris after meeting a man at a restaurant and now has a lasting marriage with him!  

Following the calling you have inside is not always the “easy thing to do”.  Often our desires don’t follow the rules of common sense.  We’ve been taught to follow the more “logical” route which usually has us going away from living out our dreams and desires.  

However the logical more mainstream way of living leaves many of us longing for more.  We end up watching the travel channel or reading magazines to vicariously live our dreams through others…  

The woman who goes after her dreams...

I’d like to propose that you be the one that people live like, “the woman who goes after her dreams…”  And avoid being the “someday, one day (usually never)” experience her desires person…

If I been the “someday, one day (usually never)” person, I would have stayed living in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Made sure we kept and held on to the job with the right health care…  And we would have saved for the day we got to retire and THEN I would be able to live out my dream of living in France… 

But instead, I chose another less travelled... Yet far more fulfilling way to live.

Over the past few years, I’ve moved with my husband and my 2 boys to France, built a 7 figure business, started a fashion line in Paris, sailed around the Mediterranean with my family for a month. This past February, I held my very first fashion show in Paris, that received a standing ovation and accolades from the hard-to-please French press.

 And I just recently stepped into an IVF journey to bring another soul into this world.  I am not sharing this because I am a superwoman--I am not. I am a woman who is committed to leaving no desire unturned and will follow my deepest soul’s calling no matter what!

What I’ve discovered on my journey of fulfilling these lofty, yet “unrealistic” desires is something so simple yet many women don’t realize it.

There is a system (pathway) for a motivated woman like yourself to achieve and live out your unique desires and dreams in a short period of time.


Step 1 – Get clear on what it is you want to experience...

“If you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what you are going to get…” or
“If you don’t know what you want, you’re likely to get whatever…”

Forest Gump was half right in his assessment that “Life’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get”…  I propose that if you knew you wanted dark chocolate, then intend on and buy the box of dark chocolates…  And voila...now you know exactly what you’re gonna get!

This step is the most basic of basic…  But time and time again, I see well-intentioned women who are not clear on what their desires are!  They aren’t tuned in enough to listen to their intuition (Indie) and connect with what it is they truly want and desire to experience.  


I see women who know what they want… But they don’t follow the urges and signs to experience their desires now. They hold off for better timing…  Or tomorrow, when everything will be aligned to have that dream come true.

Either way, you have a choice.  Let them slip away...  Look back and say “I wish I would have done (fill in the blank with something you’ve always dreamed of doing)”.  

Or you can live a more fulfilling and soul inspired life and live out your desires now!

If you aren’t sure what your most authentic and deepest desires are, then now is the time to put attention and intention on what lights you up….

Here are a few questions for you to answer to get you going in the right direction.

  • What have you always wanted to do but have been afraid to admit to anyone else?
  • Imagine you are going back to talk to yourself after graduating high school or college…  If you could do anything from that moment without limits of kids, bills, jobs or husbands;) what would it be?
  • Don’t think too much about this final question.  Just allow what comes up to come up.  What is something inspiring that you see someone else doing that would light you up…  It can be something really small (like how someone you respect talks with their kids)….  Or it can be really big (like moving to another country or taking acting classes)

And if you know what your desires and dreams are, but you haven’t acted on them quite yet then NOW IS THE TIME!  

You’re not getting any younger.  (And it’s NEVER too late!)

You have the capability to bring these experiences into your life.  That’s why they are here.

You are thinking about these dreams because your soul wants to experience them.  I come from the school of thought it’s either this lifetime or the next.

So what are you waiting for?

At Elegant Femme we hold a semi-annual free training called Sensual Planning Day that helps modern day, conscious women just like you put you and your desires back into your life.

I’d love to have you join us and make impactful movement with your dream/desire.  Click here to register for this free online event.

Enter your name and email below


Step 2 – Determine ONE thing you can do to

move in the direction of this desire

Sometimes when we look at a dream or desire we can make it feel big.  

HUGE in fact.

The enormity of the desire seems so out of touch.  And so far away that we don’t feel like it’s attainable.

It’s true… often when you look at a goal, dream or desire from the end result it can feel daunting.  For example, my dream of “Move to France” -- that is overwhelming because there isn’t a clear thing to DO. (I’ll share later about the New Yorker FemmeType™ and how she assists you with taking strategic action).

If you look at it in smaller steps it feels so much more manageable. My husband calls it… “chunking it down”.   I prefer “baby steps”. Currently, one of my biggest desires it to have another baby so let’s use baby steps from here on out.  Why not put it out there;).

Here are some of the “Baby Steps”  I took to make it possible to have my family move to France.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It was a very big and scary dream of mine.  It made no logical sense.  But it was calling me.  And I wanted it.  So I took some baby steps to make it happen.

Baby Step 1 - I imagined I was there… I started getting dropped off at the grocery store in Arizona and would buy a baguette and walk to my home (2 miles away in 100-degree heat!), so that I could start to feel like I was living in France.  

Baby step 2 - I did some research... I bought a book from International living on how to move to France.   Seems obvious right?  This book made all the difference in the world to me.  It gave me practical ideas and steps I needed to take to do the most basic things in France.  IE get a bank account, visa etc. When I bought this book I was not “ready” to move to France.  It was still in the idea phase.  But getting this book was super inspiring to me… And it kept me excited about making it a reality.  

Baby Step 3 - I shifted my priorities… We started downsizing our living arrangements so it would be possible to move and not have so much stuff.  This served dual purposes.  We also were able to lower expenses in the process that allowed me to build Elegant Femme and have my husband leave his “steady” job to join me.

Baby Step 4 - I looked for additional ways to make it happen… I started Elegant Femme, our virtual company so it would be possible to make money and live anywhere (France;).

There were other baby steps, but you can see taking them 1 at a time made a huge impact on it being BELIEVABLE for me.  I started having smaller wins… building confidence.  And then I was more ready to make the move.


Step 3 – Spend focused time on your desire!

Again a very obvious step, but so many dreams never materialize because no attention gets put towards them.

If you don’t spend time on your desires they won’t happen.

The next step is to spend focused time on you and your desires.  Put time in your calendar to work on steps 1 and 2.   This is a step that I guide you through during our upcoming workshop, Sensual Planning Day.  You can sign up to join us below. I will guide you through a specific process to put YOUR desires into your calendar.   Sensual Planning Day is this Saturday, June 25th at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern / 6 pm Paris.  You will have focused time to put into your goals, dreams and desires so they can materialize in the next 6 months.

Register here to join us.

Enter your name and email below



Today’s message is about beginnings.

Everyone has a beginning. Today, I’m sharing an extremely emotional piece of my beginning with you.

This message is for you if you have questions like:

Who am I?
What am I supposed to be doing?
Where am I supposed to be?

I want you to know that if you have these thoughts, YOU ARE VERY NORMAL.

It is normal to have self-doubt
It is normal to go through dark times and light is on the other side

If you've had these thoughts, there are beautiful things waiting for you!

Know that you are not alone!


My husband and I, with our two boys unloaded our storage unit in LA. The same storage unit we had put there when we first decided to leave LA and move to France.

I found something really, really precious. I have decided to share that special something with you. It is incredibly vulnerable. It is an actual piece straight out of my private journal, right after I lost my son.

So many of you might know, the overall story of me losing my son in 2002. But, what I haven't shared was the real depth of what I went through.

I never had to share with you like real thoughts from right after he passed away.

My intention in sharing this with you is that you have a level of self-compassion and you reconnect with your self-worth. It is easy to look at another woman and say,

“She doesn’t understand what I’ve been through”
“She probably never has the negative talk I have”
“She probably has never experienced that”
“She just picks herself up and keeps going”

           That is not the case...

And so, I want you to know where I was in 2002. So that when we look at other people and we say “oh well, how did she do it?” we do it from a place of compassion.

My intention is that if this resonates with you, if you have found yourself in this space, then I would like to inspire you that it's not the end, IT IS NOT THE END…

This was written about eight months after my son passed away. Just about the time that everybody thought I should be over it...

“Well, it's 2 AM, surprise, I can't sleep. Seems to becoming a pattern in the last few days. I lay down and think of all I should be doing, and everything I should be. Then it hits me, I am none of what I should be. I should be holding you, I should be up feeding you and rocking you. I am supposed to go to a reunion at St. Mary's this weekend. Whenever I think of it, I remember walking through campus wondering what my life would be like and how much further I would be in five years.

Ha! Here I am, I speak French worse than I did then in college. I am utterly embarrassed by how little far I've come. I've lost my first born child and miscarried my second. I feel like a failure. What I am going to tell these people when they talk about their success. Do I lie? Do I pretend you are still here? I am so tired of getting the shitty unemotional response of “I am sorry”, like I broke my arm. People just don't get the gravity of the situation.

Mason, why did this happen? What am I supposed to do with all of this? I can't sleep. My days are filled with menial tasks. None of which mean much of anything. I used to think I had so much potential. Now, I can barely get through the day. I have no direction, no hope. My life seems to be passing me by, while I continue my zombie-like existence. People get me so angry. I don't even know how to react anymore. The lady at the salon and another one at the bank asked if I had any kids. I told them briefly about you, and they didn't even seem shocked. They said sorry, and continued talking about whatever, nails, loans … Are you kidding me?

How can I protect everyone I love?

How do I ensure that my family doesn't undergo any more pain? I feel so responsible, so desperate, so scared. My moods seem almost bipolar. I start the day trying so hard to be happy and positive, only to end each evening in a dark hole of depression.

Where am I supposed to be?

What am I supposed to be doing?

I thought I was going to be your mom. I thought I was going to take care of you forever. I feel gypped. No one knows I am a mom, no stroller, no car seat, no crib or bottles, no toys, no stuffed animals and no baby. Only a C-section scar and a hole in my heart. Both of which remain hidden to the untrained eye.”

I shared that with you because this was the space I was in before I found my FemmeTypes™. Those questions I was asking,

“Who am I?”

“What am I supposed to be doing?”

“Where am I supposed to be”

All of those questions lead me into that gorgeous conversation from my Indie about how I was going to ALLOW this to affect the rest of my life.

This was the beginning of the FemmeTypes™.

So I bring you into this really emotional and tender space for me because I want every woman to know that:

It is normal to have self-doubt.
It is normal to go through dark times
There is light on the other side

I am encouraging you to feel into the power that's available to you. If you haven't taken the FemmeType™ quiz, that's available, so you can tap into your unlimited potential.

I am inviting you to experience an extreme amount of self-compassion. If I can be in this space and go through this, and have the life, the business, the family that I do now, I know that you can have it too…

I am sending you so much love, so much healing for whatever it is that you've gone through in your life, and so much inspiration that we can, WE CAN… And you know what we are meant to.

So much love to you.



PS. I would love for you to share, in whatever way that touched you.


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Last time, I shared about the idea of less is more.

It’s one thing to resonate with the idea…

It’s another thing to integrate and activate it in your life in accordance with your FemmeTypes™; to use it to make decisions that support that inside of your life.

Have you ever felt called to make a shift, maybe in your business, your relationship or even with your physical body?

Knowing deep down, you are seeking a change, and then don’t do something about it.

Why do we do this?

Because we are afraid, we resist change, we are scared of what others may think of us...

So many reasons!

Today I'm sharing with you how to make changes in your life without waiting and the ONE action you can take to assist you in the clarity you need to follow through.

This is the reset issue.


Have you ever had that feeling in your life where things are kind of spinning and you just wish you could just press that reset button and start all over again?

It takes a lot of courage for us to say wait a minute, I am not going to do that anymore.

We often wait for a tragedy or sometimes we say “I will wait till the summer” or “I will wait till New Year.” We look for some external reason to gift us permission to change directions, to slow down, to clean, to cleanse, to reset, to reset.

I was doing this a little bit this past year. I was waiting for the baby to come to give myself permission to reorganize the business. I was waiting to gift myself permission to create the space that I know to receive.

That's not how it works; I had the realization I was doing it backwards.

And I said to myself, “whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute...I know enough about creating desires and we create the space first.”

We reset.

We allow ourselves to reset first and then we sit back and receive.

Feel into the idea of resetting your life.

I invite you to follow this simple exercise; it's one thing to have the concept inside and it's another thing to actually activate it.

For rest of the day, pay attention to what it is you are spending your time on.

And at the end of the day tonight, draw a little graph.

Create a pie chart or a bar graph. Analyze it very authenticity, very honestly. When you look at that chart:

  1. What do you want more of?
  2. What do you what less of?

Begin to get a clear reflection of what's really going on in your life right now and what is it that you require more of and what is it you require less of.

Be really open and authentic with yourself.

This will start to reset this idea for you and move you towards a greater clarity of what it is that you are really seeking to experience more of in your life.

I would love hear what you require more of and less of.  I am going to take this to the next level for all of us. This is going to be a very, very powerful year of miracles, of unfolding and refinement for us as women.

Join me as we step into less is more.

PS. If you are brand new to Elegant Femme, and you don't know anything about your FemmeTypes™, I invite you to take the FemmeType™ Assessment. It only takes a couple of minutes and with your results, you will find out exactly where you are with your FemmeTypes™ and how they can assist you in reaching your next level.