Ohhhhhh la la! I am so excited to share this with you! The team put so much LOVE into this for you. We have created once again our famous favorite things for your Femmes gift guide. Inside you will find all of our staff picks for the most beautiful and supportive gifts for your Femmes (and where to
Coucou Gorgeous Femme! Happy Frenchie Friday❤️ We are heading to a wedding in New York this afternoon and I wanted to make sure you get the next edition of the Frenchie Friday Beauty Guide I promised you. Fall and Winter can wreck havoc in your skin. So between trying not to raid my sons pillow
From a little cove inside the Greek Islands, I am sharing with you my..... MY CHIC & HAPPY SUMMER ESSENTIALS LIST This includes all of the secret products, essentials--what keep in my "Summer Panier" PLUS some tips...watch below. First I... SET A THEME ...My personal theme for the summer happens to be, Chic & Happy.
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how to choose (YES, lipstick for the holidays!) I am being called to have fun and explore more of the external beauty side of things with you this winter season. So here is a Frenchie tip for you! For so long, even though I was called to external beauty, I judged it as less than..somehow