Download all 4 cards! Download Card #1 Download Card #2 Download Card #3 Download Card #4   It is time for MIRACLES - well it's always time for that;) However, it is Christmas Miracle time - which for me feels a bit different. A bit more magical, peaceful and possible! We created some gorgeous Christmas
Joyeuse Fêtes! Here we are the 7th of December!  Wow! It is such a precious time of year for resting and receiving. As we slow into the season there is that beautiful opportunity to GIFT as well.In the past, I used to stress out over what to buy and then end up spending wayyyy to much
Ohhhhhh la la! I am so excited to share this with you! The team put so much LOVE into this for you. We have created once again our famous favorite things for your Femmes gift guide. Inside you will find all of our staff picks for the most beautiful and supportive gifts for your Femmes (and where to
You still have time to complete the rest of this year in a way that feels GOOD to you. NOT from rush or force or pressure... Instead from a place of truth at what is really authentic and important to you NOW. So here is what I am going to invite you to do... Review your Sensual Creation day
Bon Dimanche (Happy Sunday)... From the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are about to head out to a cute little pumpkin patch and have apple cider.  Because my teenage boys want to? Heck no! ;) After living in Europe for 7 years, this is the first time I will be at a pumpkin patch
In my recent training, “Do less, Be better, Enjoy more,” I shared how I actually allowed myself to go on a three-month sabbatical with my family, the depth of my experience, and what has occurred in my life due to that incredible decision.  One of the most powerful insights that I shared was the potency of how we spend
Today, I am joining you from the Temple of Apollo in Naxos, Greece. We hiked up a beautiful hill to see the sun setting over the ocean. I wanted to give you a little excitement about summer coming… I haven’t taken an entire summer off since I was probably 13. I worked every summer from
How to Structure Your Day...the FemmeType™ Way... A couple weeks ago, I had a private day with a client and she shared with me how difficult it was for her to structure her day. She was feeling exhausted from lack of sleep, overwhelmed with priorities and 'to-do's" that were not being completed and she was
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“It’s no longer working”, I allowed myself to finally say it out loud with almost a deep cry. I instantly felt relief followed by a compounding fear.  “What did this mean? How was this going to affect everything?” I wanted to speak to you about something pretty tender today. It feels very present for me