Bonjour... Or should I say "Hi y’all?" Greetings from the very windy Outer Banks, where Hurricane Jose is showing us a very exciting welcome in our new hometown. Huge rains, winds, and waves are giving us a powerful sense of movement and...FEAR? Actually, we are not in a location where the hurricane is bringing up [...]
  Welcome back to the Chic Summer Series. We are sharing the best content to assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. These videos were recorded a couple of years ago, but the principles are true. “Beauty equals truth and truth equals beauty” ~ John Keats A couple of years ago, I shared something that [...]
Today’s topic is something that no one likes. It is not easy. It hurts…  When I started my business, I was so scared that someone would not like me and even more scared that they would tell me about it… And the first time it happened, I cried. My mentor said to me, “Congratulations, you have [...]
Welcome back to our Chic Summer Series. Today I’m sharing one of our most popular, you can access the Femme Chateau for free.   Are you ever jealous of another woman? Before, I thought that if I was a "real" spiritual woman and if I was a "good" person, that jealous, rage and envy [...]
Welcome back to our “Chic Summer Series.” Today, I’m sharing a training that has never been released outside of a paid was a part of our Très Power of Sensuality program, which sold for $497. BUT, if you utilize this process, the value to you is priceless.   Women ask me ALL the time how [...]
Welcome back to the “Chic Summer Series”. Last week, we went deep into decision making. 6 graduated Crème’s shared how their FemmeTypes™ have assisted them in making decisions. But what if your decision isn’t just up to you and your FemmeTypes? Have you ever desired something...and you weren’t sure how to “talk” your husband into [...]
    Continuing in our “Chic Summer Series”, we are sharing some deeper content. In this powerful video, 6 amazing Crème graduates join me as we discuss a new paradigm for making decisions and how you can honor yourself inside of the decision-making process. These women live with the FemmeTypes at a high level, and [...]
Bonjour or should I say Au revoir? I have something important to share with you today...this may be the most valuable email I have ever written to you… It is about REST.  It is about doing something so outside the norm that we typically don’t even allow ourselves to consider it. It is about NOT [...]
How to Structure Your Day...the FemmeType™ Way... A couple weeks ago, I had a private day with a client and she shared with me how difficult it was for her to structure her day. She was feeling exhausted from lack of sleep, overwhelmed with priorities and 'to-do's" that were not being completed and she was [...]
Have you ever been copied? Or copied someone? This is a topic that feels secretive...but we are going to open it up, bring it into the light…and discuss several different aspects of this. Including, how to honor the feeling that comes up inside and also some practical tips when it happens. And on the other [...]