In this video I share a 4-step process I used to quit drinking. This process can be used to stop any habit that’s not supporting you.I was not intending on quitting drinking until I was well into the back half of my life. But I came to a point in my 30’s when I realized
Frenchie Friday issue 0801MAR 2019 My external environment is so important to me, and it always has been. I used to think I was selfish for desiring gorgeous things in my life. I tried to talk myself out of it being important... You know the truth? A beautiful environment is a HEALING environment. My body
 Today, we have a new video from Dave's series and this one's all about "Growing Your Confidence". I think you’re going to love it. If you missed the first video in the series where Dave explains why he's doing this you can watch it here. Today you'll learn a tool you can use to
Hey there… I’m in Paris with clients and my husband went and shot a video without me! #notnormal It's like his introduction to the Elegant Femme community - he filmed it for you! I just watched it and I think you’re going to love it. He has something to share with all of us and
Frenchie Friday issue 0725JAN 2019 Share Share Share 1. say “yes!” This is a simple one, but I am telling you IT WORKS! The next time you are asked at the grocery store if someone can help you to your car, say YES! Or if they ask you if they can bag your groceries, or
Frenchie Friday issue 0618JAN 2019 Share Share Share The One piece of lingerie every woman should own Okay, so it may not be a secret but, I LOVE lingerie! In fact, one of my very first live calls I ever did for ElegantFemme was "What does Lingerie have to do with it?" You might be
Frenchie Friday issue 0511JAN 2019 FRENCH PHARMACY Beauty Finds One of my fav things to do when I go to Paris is to stroll into the nearest pharmacy and get my 'goods!' If you have not heard french pharmacies are like a covenant for French women. You can find so many goodies. Below you will
I just got back from Yoga class and my daily morning routine. My morning typically goes like this... As I open my eyes and turn off my alarm (which goes off by singing Quelqu’un m’a dit), I begin with a few minutes of meditation before my Femme Flow List. Next, I change into my yoga
It was a typical Sunday morning… “Typical” for us anyway...we were on our way to a soccer game for my older son. Both of my boys have always loved soccer, and it has been a powerful way for them to connect and integrate. When we moved to France, one of the first things we did was
As I sit here in our family beach house, I can hear the banging of nails and wood slightly in the distance. Typically, that may sound annoying- yet it is music to my ears! You see, it is official– we’ve moved from Paris to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.   Forever? Non, for NOW;)