Do you deserve it? There is a better question to ask…

Do you deserve it?  There is a better question to ask yourself…
If you have ever wanted something in your life and wondered if you
deserved it then this video is for you.

Actually we as women have been taught to ask the wrong question,
and it is leading us into guilt instead of pleasure.

I made this private video for you from a special place we visited
on Father’s Day.

It is private moment and I share some details that have come up
for us personally.

Remember to leave a comment, when we allow ourselves to become visible
as women and voice our truth… the shift inside begins.

FemmeType Insight: This video is for YOUR INDIE
It will help increase your confidence and self-worth

Your Frenchie will feel more permission to enjoy what she really desires
Your New Yorker will be more aware of what strategic action she require