Turn Jealousy into a Source of Power

Welcome back to our Chic Summer Series. Today I’m sharing one of our most popular trainings...now, you can access the Femme Chateau for free.


Are you ever jealous of another woman?

Before, I thought that if I was a "real" spiritual woman and if I was a "good" person, that jealous, rage and envy wouldn’t come up in my life.

And then I created the Femme Chateau . . .and I haven’t looked at these emotions the same way since.

This is one of our most popular and requested trainings. It assists you in using Jealousy, Rage, and Envy as a powerful source in your life.

This is a previously recorded video from our Sensual Entrepreneur launch. Next week, we will share a special opportunity for Sensual Entrepreneur.

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As women, we have many, many facets and aspects of who we are.

We do not need to throw out pieces of who we are in order to grow.

PS. I would LOVE to hear your insights after this training. What did you learn about yourself?

PPS. Inside this training, I talk about our Sensual Entrepreneur Program. This program assists in transforming your business through the power of the FemmeTypes™. If you’re interested in bringing this power source inside your business, I have a surprise for you next week. We will be opening up a special Sensual Entrepreneur opportunity for 4 days ONLY. Keep a lookout for next week.

PPPS. Wondering what the “Chic Summer Series” is? During the summer of 2017, I am taking a sabbatical, and we created a summer FULL of content to assist you in living YOUR unique beautiful life.  You can read more about the sabbatical here.