Find The Perfect Red

how to choose


(YES, lipstick for the holidays!)

I am being called to have fun and explore more of the external beauty side of things with you this winter season.

So here is a Frenchie tip for you!

For so long, even though I was called to external beauty, I judged it as less than..somehow that it was less "spiritual". This is NOT true.

The physical body is the temple for all you enjoy, experience and commit to in this let's have some fun, shall we?


This sounds funny, but I can't tell you how many times I went to the store thinking I was going to buy a red lipstick and I left with neutral. Why? I was scared to GO FOR IT! Buying a red lipstick is bold, courageous and says you are ready for a life change.


Do you have a blue tone in your skin or a yellow tone in your skin (cool or warm?)

If you are not able to determine you can ask the sales woman at the counter, but if possible try and figure this out on your own. An orange based red will look awful on you if you have a yellow tone on your skin.

Same goes if you have a blue tone in your skin, a blue (more burgundy) based red will make you look dark and harsh.If you have lighter skin with a yellow base choosing a bordeaux based lipstick.

There are lots of resources to assist you in determining your skin tone.
According to StyleCaster here are some quick tips...

Check Your Veins

Push your sleeves up right now and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they blue or green? If they look more blue, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’re warm.

It’s worth noting, warm girls, that you’re veins aren’t actually green—they look it because you’re seeing them through yellow-toned skin (yellow + blue = green.)

Eye and Hair Color

Your natural eye and hair colors can help figure out your coloring.

Customarily, cool people have eyes that are blue, gray, or green and have blond, brown, or black hair with blue, silver, violet and ash undertones.

Conversely, warm-toned women usually have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blond, red, brown, or black hair. Their hair tends to have gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones.

The Sun’s Effects

When you’re out in the sun, does your skin turn a golden-brown, or does it burn and turn pink first?

If you fit into the former category, you’re warm-toned, while cool tones tend to burn (fair-skinned cool girls will simply burn, while medium-skinned cool-toned


Make a day of this and don't rush. Go to the counter of your choice. I have a few of my favorites below.

Before you buy, wear your lipstick around for the day! Your makeup will look much different as the day goes by, so take your time.


Once you know which red you love, then go for it! Trust yourself.

Anddddd... wear your red powerfully.


Post a photo of your red, I would love to see it!


with beauty and rouge,