Dear serious one,

Yes I am talking to all of us... It is time to lighten up and play.
I caught myself this morning being waaayyyy too serious
and I knew I need to share this with you. In this video I share
how you can have more fun today!

Remember to leave a comment below, because Elegant Femmes
KNOW how to have more fun (and when your Frenchie is in sync, you
gift yourself permission to do it;))

Enjoy today...


How to Have More Fun - Video Transcript Below

Hi, this is Tara Marino with I was getting ready this morning; I was actually in the bathroom and I was putting on my makeup, and I caught myself in the mirror. And you know, before I tell you what I heard, or what I experience, I want to tell you a little bit more about me. I'm in the grass and my feet are itching. We've got weeds everywhere. All right, can I stand here? Is this the right?

The majority of my spear time or my free time, I spend it reading spiritual books and journaling, and really connecting with what's my highest purpose; and why am I here. I'm very much in deep conversations with myself or with those around me; and asking those higher-level questions, like what is this all about? Or how can I connect further with the truth of who I am? And so I was thinking about this again this morning when I was putting my makeup on.

I must have bug. Oh, I do. I have ants on me. Just a minute. Here we go. And in a moment of seriousness, this is going to all make sense in a moment, I was in that place again and I saw my face in the mirror, and I was like whoa, I was serious and heavy and my eyes were like hmm. And all of a sudden I heard his voice, and it was like why don't you lighten up? And I started to laugh and smile because really, what is the point of his journey if we are not enjoying and having fun. And it's something I really want to stand for, right?

But I still get caught up, and I still find my place in that deep thoughts. And really, the voice I heard said, Tara, stop taking yourself so damn seriously. Lighten up! And I started to laugh; and it's so true. And that's what I want to share with you today. I really want to invite you to have fun today and to play.

Now, why is this so important? Really? We're in those moments of trying to figure it all out and we’re waiting for the answer, it's really difficult for us to receive. When we are playing, and we are laughing, and we are having fun, we are open to receiving, we’re open to receiving that prosperity. We are open to receiving that opportunity. We are opened up to receiving that answer because we are ready and we're feeling good. That's why we're really here; were all really here to feel good.

So, I'm going to give you a specific assignment, and this is how I want you to do it. Now, if you have kids, this is great you can as yesterday I was actually going into the playroom and my boys had pushed the Ottoman up all the way against the door, so I could barely see in. They had turned the playroom into an indoor soccer stadium so the ball was bouncing from wall to wall to wall. You know, kids know naturally how to do this.

So today, if you have kids, and you know when you find yourself about to yell at them, or tell them very maturely to stop doing what they are doing; stop playing, stop screaming so loud, stop rolling up little pieces of napkin and throwing them at each other or throwing them in the restaurant (yes, I've got two boys so this is part of our experience) this time, I want you to join them. I want you to join them. Where you would typically tell them to stop, this time I want you to join them. And if you don't have kids, I want you to plug into that little mischievous part of you. Maybe you might want to jump on the bed, or have a pillow fight for laugh so hard that you start snorting, I mean like, really. I want you to have fun today.

I want you to let go and I want you to play and I want you to get a little bit outside of your comfort zone. I want you to do something you wouldn't normally do okay? So today it's about having fun. It's about laughing. It's about playing. It's about connecting to your Frenchie. And stop taking yourself so damn seriously so I want you to leave a comment below, and I want you to tell me what is it that you're going to do to have fun today. And stretch yourself a little bit okay? And I'm stalling right now because I practice what I preach. I do. So I'm going to; Yikes! I'm going to do something. Oh boy! Oh boy! Am I really going to do this? This is crazy! This is crazy!

Leave a comment. What are you going to do today to have fun? I'll see you soon.

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