This may appear like a rhetorical question: of course I am invested Tara, I am here aren't I? (Here I am with my mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson.)

Let's take a look at what we do as women together that actually stops us from fully investing in our lives in a way that pleases us, and then in turn create the results that we are actually desiring.

For a moment reflect on the following questions:

*How invested am I in feeling good in my life?
*How invested am I in living my purpose?
*How invested am I in my relationships?
*How invested am I in allowing my FemmeTypes to be in sync?

Now right away you are going to notice a pull in either one or for some of us, a lot of those questions. There is a truth inside that says, well...I really could be more invested.

I have found throughout my life that whatever area of my life I really want to see improvement in, I require to become really invested in it. Here is the thing-it is also the area of our life that we will resist like crazy and then complain about because nothing is happening. Do you know what I mean?

I have had this realization myself lately. There has been a specific area of my life, one thing in fact, that has been calling to me and speaking to me since before I created Elegant Femme and I have done almost NOTHING about it. I pretended I was invested in it, but truthfully I was scared and I made up some great excuses about how it wasn't the right time, what if it didn't work, what if it was a waste of money, on and on.

Well if I continue to create from the courageous space that has been coming through me that is going to change and I will share something with you at Elegant Femme Integration.

So what can we do about this? The first thing is to understand where you really require to BE invested, what is really calling for your attention. NOT THE THING YOU THINK YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO INVEST IN-the things you KNOW deep down inside is calling you.

Look again at the questions below

*How invested am I in feeling good in my life?

How often do you ask yourself if you feel good throughout the day? How often are you committed to making choices that feel good to you? Notice your emotional response here and see if this feels right to invest more of your energy in. And when I say energy I am talking about all types of energy: time, emotion, money, commitment, purpose, journaling, intentions.

*How invested am I in living my purpose?

What was the last thing you did to ensure you were living on purpose?  Are you saying YES to your purpose? Purpose is not just about finding the exact "right" thing to DO with your life, purpose is about allowing every activity you partake in to have purpose and meaning to you.

*How invested am I in my relationships?

This one gets me, I can feel that I would like to be more invested in my relationships. My relationship to my boys, also my relationship to my friends and the women in my life that mean a great deal to me. I have felt this pull this year and have allowed myself to focus more energy and investment in this direction. In fact my oldest son and I are going to be going on a surfing expedition for 3 days just the two of us at the end of April. It was a large investment in time, in money, in emotion ( I am petrified of sharks;) and I KNEW I required to allow this into my life.

*How invested am I in allowing my FemmeTypes to be in sync?

This is so important to us as women, truly I am sane because of my Femmes. I am constantly learning and growing with them, expanding through their power, their complexity and their grace. Are you committed every day to be in sync with your FemmeTypes? Do you know your Frenchie is requiring your investment? What about your Indie and your New Yorker? The FemmeTypes represent a whole you, if you are not invested in the whole of who you, you will feel like something is missing.

I invite you to review the above and choose one area of your life that you are committed to investing in.  Then, go to our Facebook page and share it with me. Once you voice your commitment and fully show up you will find your creative source opening up to support you.

Enjoy the investment.

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