How to Remove Bad Habits from Your Life

In this video, my husband, Dave shares a 4-step process he used to quit drinking. This process can be used to stop any habit that’s not supporting you. Dave was not intending on quitting drinking until he was well into the back half of his life. But he came to a point in his 30’s when he realized it wasn’t serving him anymore. He wasn’t the person he wanted to be with alcohol in his life.

So he chose to take a look at the habit of drinking and remove it from his life. And you can use this same process to remove any bad habit from your life as well.

You may want to stop eating bad foods. Or stop using your phone so much. Or stop wasting money on Amazon.

Whatever it is you can follow this 4 step process to remove bad habits from your life.

This is a crucial step that supports you in living a more beautiful life.

Dave and I are committed to working with you to allow more experiences into your life that truly reflect the life you want to live.

And at our EXPERIENCE event in April we will help you create the habits and behaviors that are going to support the experience that you want to have.

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