How to say no to lending money (without the guilt)

Ever wonder how to say no to lending money to friends, family, or employees? We all have
situations where people ask us for money. And sometimes it is not something you want to
do. If you ever felt guilty about saying no when people ask you for money then this video is for you.

As women we need to understand what is really going on underneath the surface
and in this video I share with you my truth.

What I recently did when someone close to us asked us for money and how
you can relate to this very “touchy” subject in an empowered way

FemmeType Insight: This video is for YOUR New Yorker
It will gift you assistance in making more money

Your Indie will experience the freedom in speaking your truth.

Your Frenchie will be more engaged in her relationships
and feel closer to people around her, intimacy will increase.