Here we are…Thanksgiving in the states….the end of the year is coming.

We have the holidays and family, and it’s the time of year for love and abundance.

However, this time of year can also feel stressful.

We can be challenged with love and relationships (and political conversationsations at the dinner table;).

These challenges get inside of us and make us doubt who we really are and what this time of year is really about.

And we are left with a choice…

We can contract and allow the fear to seperate us or we can expand and connect.

There is a process that I do every year, and I’m sharing it with you today because I’m calling us all forward to step into gratitude and love.

At Elegant Femme we have an annual tradition of practicing a process in gratitude and I want to inspire you to do this today for yourself.

This process will assist you and allow yourself to RECEIVE. You will feel increased prosperity, abundance, and have a deeper knowledge of who you truly are.

Coming into gratitude propels us forward more than anything else.  

~ Tara Marino

  1. The smell of fragrant english pink roses
  2. For the way Nico laughs and sings in the kitchen
  3. For the fact that I curse after spending a week with my mom;)
  4. Dominic asking me about how my eggs are doing in reference to the IVF procedure
  5. The way Dave believes in me
  6. Remembering how I met Dave over 16 years ago..in a BAR
  7. My mom's courage
  8. My Dad's patience
  9. The way Chris and I can sit and talk for hours
  10. The way Laura listens to me
  11. How Mike always remembers the boys on every holiday
  12. Road trips across the US
  13. Private days with clients filled with grace and ease
  14. The way TARA Paris lights up my soul
  15. My first fashion show in Paris!  I did it!
  16. Mary and her support
  17. My little Lucy, oh how you light up my heart
  18. The power of prayer
  19. My morning meditation
  20. Rachel and her dedication to EF in all she does
  21. The ENTIRE EF team and all they stand for
  22. Lauren and how she cares for me
  23. So grateful for how my body is responding to the hormones for the IVF journey
  24. That I gave myself permission to have this journey at all…
  25. My stunning Parisian apartment and crown molding that I could stare at for days
  26. My linen sheets
  27. Watching my husbands face light up when he thinks about sailing
  28. Dave boyish grin, gets me everytime
  29. The star lined sky on any night as I smell the fresh air
  30. Skiing with the family, while they all wait for me at the bottom
  31. Pizza from Italy
  32. Hot croissants from the bakery downstairs
  33. Writing my book and the intimacy I feel as I trust every chapter
  34. EF clients, their strength and courage to LIVE FULLY
  35. Ali and her business acumen also the way she cracks me up
  36. Kundalini yoga in every sense
  37. Still love these breasts
  38. My hair...more and more
  39. My freckles for the first time, I adore my freckles
  40. Sitting with the sun on my face in Positano
  41. Watching Dave play fifa with the boys
  42. Seeing Nico get so excited about his own youtube channel
  43. Watching Dom turn into a young man
  44. Seeing Lichelle give birth for the first time at 43
  45. My long lunches with Cecile and the way we laugh together
  46. Constant support and love from Kat as she understands me without having to say a word
  47. Rose oh Rose what would we do without you?
  48. Walking down cobbled stone streets in Paris and catching a glimpse of the Eiffel tower at a surprise turn
  49. Getting up with the sunrise in the Outer Banks
  50. The feel of warm sand between my toes
  51. A perfectly cooked medium grassfed beef burger with thin fries and salt
  52. Chocolate cake, thick and luxurious
  53. The rendezvous with the Cremes, a highlight of my year
  54. Silence
  55. Journaling every morning
  56. My FemmeTypes and their constant cheerleading
  57. Designing and how I feel when I see a garment come to life
  58. Marino dance parties on Sunday morning
  59. Hiking in Arizona and seeing the sunset in the distance
  60. Monsoons in every way, they bring swift change and tons of energy
  61. The scent of jasmine on a warm summer evening
  62. Allowing the waves to carry me in the ocean, full surrender
  63. Being able to do the splits at 40 and feel the flexibility in my body
  64. Making love to Dave
  65. Reconnecting with old friends
  66. A perfect cup of Lipton tea with just the right amount of milk
  67. Surprises
  68. Treasure hunts on Christmas morning
  69. The smell of cinnamon and pine
  70. Warm baguettes and the smell that wafts for miles
  71. Nico's new glasses
  72. The perfect pair of long black boots just below the knee, slight point and 3 inch heel…classic and timeless
  73. Taking a stand for what I believe in
  74. Miracles…every day
  75. The smell of sea air
  76. When Dave calls me “my beauty”
  77. When Nico skype's me and tells me “You’re the best mom ever”
  78. Tea with Dom in the kitchen as he tells me about his new fifa pack he has opened
  79. Watching the boys play soccer
  80. Having powerful conversations with my boys…about everything
  81. When all 4 of us get into bed together and Dom says “hold on we forgot something” and comes in with Lucy to join us
  82. Dreaming
  83. Witnessing a woman say yes to herself
  84. Lemons
  85. Fresh homemade pumpkin soup with the perfect amount of butter and nutmeg
  86. Sleeping…oh I love sleeping
  87. Brownies with salt and hot pepper
  88. Dr. Desanto and the way he encouraged me to try again
  89. Dr Behara and her belief in a new soul
  90. Creating Femme visions and how I feel when I expand
  91. Swimming and the way my body feels long and lean in the water
  92. Neck rolls..how can something so simple make me feel so good?
  93. My kidneys and their ability to release and clear fear on every level
  94. Hope, keeping it high
  95. Riding horses with my mom in New Mexico
  96. A clean organized home with everything having a place
  97. Strategy meetings with Dave
  98. Gorgeous lingerie that my body feels beautiful in
  99. Family and what is really possible within one
  100. Sailing…really?  I LOVE sailing
  101. Simplicity