I have nothing to wear

Part of my expression in the world has to do with fashion.  I am a Natural Essence Frenchie and my style is one of the ways that I express that in the world. (I share the full process of how to discover your own Natural Essence in our Live You Fully Program.)

It is Paris fashion week and the city is abuzz with celebs, models, and hard to find taxis!

I attended some shows this week and it is always a fun and exciting time to see what is new and on the minds of designers.  

Something I love about fashion is when good designers utilize their shows to tell a story and express a message that is meaningful to them. We will be holding our second fashion show this month and I am so excited to reveal the story we have to share!

So today, I have a quick fashion tip for you from my Frenchie to Yours.

Whether it's for a fashion show, a countryside brunch, or even a soccer game with your kids...I am constantly hearing my clients say...

"I have NOTHING to wear!"

In this super quick video I share with you my top style tip that NEVER goes out of style.

                                                        "I have NOTHING to wear!"

Today’s Chic & Timeless tip:

  • Will NEVER go out of style
  • I know you have this in your wardrobe already (Don’t need to buy anything!)
  • You need to look at your wardrobe with a different eye…

Watch the quick video below for one of my favorite style tips.


Tips to Use:

  1. Use neutral tones: Gray, cream, black, white, even browns and camel tones. Maybe not hot pink unless you are going for a sexy ski bunny look 😉.
  2. Choose one shade, mix and match pieces to dress in that entire shade. You can spice this up by not being too matchy-matchy and use varying shades.
  3. Pick a tone you love ~Gray can work on anybody!
  4. You can even try White & Creme


This is an easy & light way to pack! Pick one color and mix and match the pieces. It’s an easy and chic way to pack for a weekend!
PS. I would love to hear your style tips! Share your fashion tips or go-to’s in the comments below.

PPS.  Our fashion show is almost sold out if you want to join us and experience a life-changing event, click here.