Increase Your Productivity

Increase Your Productivity – New Yorker Style!

The holiday season is upon us! With all this extra running around we have to do, you are most likely wondering where you are going to fit it all in! We go into Overdrive, Overwhelm and above all Overworked! So today I want to talk to you about increasing your productivity levels at work, to achieve more, and stress less!

Have you been feeling less than accomplished when you leave work at the end of the day? Sometimes it is really difficult to put your finger on why you are not being productive and not contributing during those daily brainstorming meetings. You don’t seem to “click” with your colleagues anymore and they may be eliciting some throwaway comments here or there, maybe as part of a desperate move to jolt you back into the real world! Why are you not focused on your work and career as much as you used to be? Is it because you are burned out and should you be looking for a change?

When you get stuck in an unproductive rut, you need to look inside yourself and release the New Yorker! She is one of three innerselves and in your work situations, it may well be hidden by the efforts of the Indie. The Indie is the introspective, laid-back, more spiritual and family-centric self, who is undoubtedly in the forefront when you’re dealing with your family situations. She is much more focused on stability and inner peace and caring and she needs to take a step back when you emerge from the family world into your work environment. The New Yorker is your more functional and purposeful side and needs to be let free to exhibit the more dominant side of your persona. If you let her appear when you go to work you will be much more “with it,” intellectually on point and ready to be the purposeful and productive adult again.

What do you do to increase productivity? Please let me know in the comments below.