The Simple Keys To Your Success

Today we are continuing our journey of success.

I was blown away last week when you allowed yourself to be successful. So many of you are starting to embody the energy of success!

So know that Yes, you can have it now. And Yes, there is also more!

However, I also heard that some of you are feeling blocked from success.Keys to Your Success |

What is that block that we often feel on our journey of the next level of success. How can you move through it?

Know that feeling blocked is part of the process, and that yes, that even more success is waiting for you.

I want to talk to you about the “more” part. Here are a few action steps towards receiving the next level of success to support you in creating movement.

1) I want you to identify what is blocking you from the next level or success. Name it. “I feel what is blocking me is prosperity.” Or “I feel what blocking me is my relationship.” Take a minute to identify this. (You don’t have to over think this. Naming the first thing that comes to you is OK!)

2) Understand that the block is actually a key to the next level of success. If you know that your block is that your house is cluttered, know that this is also you KEY. This is where you can start to get excited. (You should start to feel some power, courage and hope around this.)

3) Identify which FemmeType holds that key. Is it your New Yorker? Your Indie? Is it your Frenchie? If you feeling like your block is around clutter and organization, your New Yorker would hold the key to this block.

So in the comments below I’d love to to leave 2 comments.

What is blocking you? (This is also your Key)

Which FemmeTypes holds that key?

Share with me below.

If you are feeling blocked towards your success, I have some really good news for you!

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FemmeType Insight: This is for your New Yorker: She is ready to be successful starting today.

Your Indie can help you shift your block to a key.

Your Frenchie supports being successful on your own terms.