Download all 4 cards! Download Card #1 Download Card #2 Download Card #3 Download Card #4   It is time for MIRACLES - well it's always time for that;) However, it is Christmas Miracle time - which for me feels a bit different. A bit more magical, peaceful and possible! We created some gorgeous Christmas
Joyeuse Fêtes! Here we are the 7th of December!  Wow! It is such a precious time of year for resting and receiving. As we slow into the season there is that beautiful opportunity to GIFT as well.In the past, I used to stress out over what to buy and then end up spending wayyyy to much
Ohhhhhh la la! I am so excited to share this with you! The team put so much LOVE into this for you. We have created once again our famous favorite things for your Femmes gift guide. Inside you will find all of our staff picks for the most beautiful and supportive gifts for your Femmes (and where to
Here is Part 2 of the gorgeous Travel Like an Elegant femme guide we created for you!   Inside you will find my best travel packing tips, what I bring to support my Femmes PLUS how to travel first class no matter what!   This guide has been updated with my newest travel MUST HAVES...
Since I have been known to travel a bit;) one of the top questions I get is about packing. The holidays are coming up and packing can be stressful so for an extra special treat this week I am sharing with you Part 1 of my packing like an Elegant Femme guide. These guides are so
Coucou Gorgeous Femme! Happy Frenchie Friday❤️ We are heading to a wedding in New York this afternoon and I wanted to make sure you get the next edition of the Frenchie Friday Beauty Guide I promised you. Fall and Winter can wreck havoc in your skin. So between trying not to raid my sons pillow
You still have time to complete the rest of this year in a way that feels GOOD to you. NOT from rush or force or pressure... Instead from a place of truth at what is really authentic and important to you NOW. So here is what I am going to invite you to do... Review your Sensual Creation day
I am so excited to share this with you as a big huge MERCI. This 28 page fall guide was originally going to be a part of a program (and maybe still will;)  however, I wanted to do something really special for you! So I m gifting it to you for FREE. Thank you for being with us inside
Bonjour les belles femmes, So as I begin here let me share my deepest intention in sharing this is to open to the potential of a greater understanding, awakening and shift in consciousness. Furthermore, to honor my own beauty and truth and to trust myself to voice what is inside without allowing the fear of
I honor you and congratulate you on being present inside of this process! You are a woman who chose to love herself more fully. Take some time to anchor this new level of loving and prepare for a gorgeous level of self-expression and possibility in 2018. Save the date our 2018 Sensual Planning Day is