Bonjour les belles femmes, So as I begin here let me share my deepest intention in sharing this is to open to the potential of a greater understanding, awakening and shift in consciousness. Furthermore, to honor my own beauty and truth and to trust myself to voice what is inside without allowing the fear of
Bon Dimanche (Happy Sunday)... From the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are about to head out to a cute little pumpkin patch and have apple cider.  Because my teenage boys want to? Heck no! ;) After living in Europe for 7 years, this is the first time I will be at a pumpkin patch
I just got back from Yoga class and my daily morning routine. My morning typically goes like this... As I open my eyes and turn off my alarm (which goes off by singing Quelqu’un m’a dit), I begin with a few minutes of meditation before my Femme Flow List. Next, I change into my yoga
It was a typical Sunday morning… “Typical” for us anyway...we were on our way to a soccer game for my older son. Both of my boys have always loved soccer, and it has been a powerful way for them to connect and integrate. When we moved to France, one of the first things we did was
As I sit here in our family beach house, I can hear the banging of nails and wood slightly in the distance. Typically, that may sound annoying- yet it is music to my ears! You see, it is official– we’ve moved from Paris to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.   Forever? Non, for NOW;)
You know stuff right?  I mean years of personal growth, programs, books, and events!  YIKES. You KNOW this right? I get it, I have spent decades “teaching” spiritual growth and evolution in a number of different ways, created courses on intention and... I still needed to take a close look at this one! Here is the thing,
In my recent training, “Do less, Be better, Enjoy more,” I shared how I actually allowed myself to go on a three-month sabbatical with my family, the depth of my experience, and what has occurred in my life due to that incredible decision.  One of the most powerful insights that I shared was the potency of how we spend
Bonjour... Or should I say "Hi y’all?" Greetings from the very windy Outer Banks, where Hurricane Jose is showing us a very exciting welcome in our new hometown. Huge rains, winds, and waves are giving us a powerful sense of movement and...FEAR? Actually, we are not in a location where the hurricane is bringing up
Welcome back to the Chic Summer Series. We are sharing the best content to assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. Today is special...Dave is joining me. By the time you get this, we will be on our sabbatical, and you can bet we will STILL be doing what I share with you every day!
  Welcome back to the Chic Summer Series. We are sharing the best content to assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. These videos were recorded a couple of years ago, but the principles are true. “Beauty equals truth and truth equals beauty” ~ John Keats A couple of years ago, I shared something that