I am so excited to share this with you as a big huge MERCI. This 28 page fall guide was originally going to be a part of a program (and maybe still will;)  however, I wanted to do something really special for you! So I m gifting it to you for FREE. Thank you for being with us inside
Bonjour les belles femmes, So as I begin here let me share my deepest intention in sharing this is to open to the potential of a greater understanding, awakening and shift in consciousness. Furthermore, to honor my own beauty and truth and to trust myself to voice what is inside without allowing the fear of
I honor you and congratulate you on being present inside of this process! You are a woman who chose to love herself more fully. Take some time to anchor this new level of loving and prepare for a gorgeous level of self-expression and possibility in 2019. Save the date our 2019 Sensual Creation Day is
Close your eyes...you are in for a treat. Rest in the embrace of 2018 one last time.  Allow yourself this time for reflection, for grace, and for completion.  Completion energy can bring up feelings of sadness and grief, also joy and excitement.  I invite you to allow all of these to be present for you.
Bringing it together...what did you really intend to experience this year?
In today's video you have the opportunity to connect with your current truth about 2018. Make sure you meet me back here tomorrow for part 2!    
Choose to spend the last few days of the year in a way that will truly support you... This practice will set you up for a powerful year of creation.   Remember to leave your comments below, I love reading them.
What do you hear when you listen inside? What story are you telling yourself? Today write a story that supports you, one that will serve you in the days, months and year ahead. You are worthy of a great storyline... WRITE it today  
What is most important to you in your life right now?   You are a woman committed to living her truth...what choices are you being asked to honor at this point in time?   Leave a comment below!
What are your fav holidays moments?  I am here with you on this precious day in my Christmas pj's. Sending you love and gratitude for being a woman committed to loving herself more completely.