This is not the happiest of subjects, but is something we all have universally in common… I am not new to grief. At 26, I lost my first born son when he was 6 days old. We continued to try to have children after that. I experienced a miscarriage. I did end up with two
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how to choose (YES, lipstick for the holidays!) I am being called to have fun and explore more of the external beauty side of things with you this winter season. So here is a Frenchie tip for you! For so long, even though I was called to external beauty, I judged it as less than..somehow
Here we are…Thanksgiving in the states….the end of the year is coming. We have the holidays and family, and it’s the time of year for love and abundance. However, this time of year can also feel stressful. We can be challenged with love and relationships (and political conversationsations at the dinner table;). These challenges get
I am about to step into a pretty big journey personally, around fertility and creation. I believe that we are all here to create and bring forward a unique kind of life force, that allows us to participate and co-create the life we’ve really been born to receive. Today I wanted to share with you
Living in Paris has enriched my life in so many ways.  Deep down, my FemmeTypes™ have been opened to a new level of receiving my world. We have chosen to live abroad with our children to open their minds and their hearts to what is possible for them. Living here I have learned so much
“It’s no longer working”, I allowed myself to finally say it out loud with almost a deep cry. I instantly felt relief followed by a compounding fear.  “What did this mean? How was this going to affect everything?” I wanted to speak to you about something pretty tender today. It feels very present for me
One of the top things I hear women say is “I know I need more self-care” BUT the comment that follows is “I am so busy, I don’t have the time or extra money.” It’s easy to fall into this mindset and yet, women know deep down they require to take care of themselves. For me
How to Identify Negative Habits, Beliefs or Relationships in your life that you want to FALL away... Welcome back to Paris! It has been almost 3 months since I was home and Fall is here. There is something so supportive about allowing ourselves to really stay in tune with the seasons. When we allow ourselves
My family and I recently took a 5-day road trip and traveled across the USA by car. No, I’m not crazy;). It was one of the more rewarding experiences I’ve had with my husband and our two boys. It also happens to be the longest road trip I’ve taken since I was a little girl