What It Means To Live Your Truth

Good morning. I’m here with you from my ranch in New Mexico watching the sunrise. I wanted to talk to you about living your truth. As a woman, it is so important that you give yourself permission to live your truth.

It might seem simple, but when you live your truth you keep your commitment to yourself. When you keep your commitment to yourself – that is when you live your truth without judging yourself or asking permission from others.

I said to myself last night that I really wanted to wake up early and watch the sunrise. Then this morning we set the clocks back. I wanted to sleep in but I knew in my heart I wanted to honor my truth and wake up and watch this beauty unfold.

Sometimes when we think about living our truth we think about it as an enormous commitment, but I want to tell you that you can begin to live your truth, every day,  by keeping even the small commitments you make to yourself.

That is why I got up this morning to watch the sunrise. This is part of living my truth and my beauty as a woman. Isn’t it beautiful?

When you live your truth as a woman you are living your beauty as well. Gift yourself the opportunity to live your truth and beauty.

And enjoy the sunrise.

How are you going to choose to live your truth today?  I look forward to your comment below.

FemmeType Insight: This video is for your Indie. Your Indie wants you to gift yourself permission to live your greatest truth.


Your New Yorker will feel more aligned and ready to take action once she knows your truth.

Your Frenchie knows that truth equals beauty, and is always prepared to support you in feeling and looking more beautiful.