• Pleasure
  • Joie de vivre
  • Self respect
  • Sensuality

She is the aspect of your sensuality responsible for pleasure.She involves relationships, body image, internal and external beauty as well as how you relate to yourself when it comes to beauty and femininity in the world. She is the enjoying piece of your sensuality.Many women see the Frenchie as a luxury when in fact she is a necessity!

What about sensuality?

A lot of women think of sensuality as sexuality,but when you look at the definition of the word it means
“the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses”.

At Elegant Femme, sensuality is to live life awake, engaged and involved with all of your senses.



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    The first thing you do when you start your day is?
    Check Email
    Have a cup of tea
    Make the beds

    The feeling I experience the most is?

    If you were to explain your relationship with your significant
    other you would say...
    Best friend

    You feel the most confident when you are
    Making money
    Helping others
    Feeling beautiful

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    When it comes to exercise you...
    Always plan to, but it never seems to happen
    Do what your body needs
    Fit it in when you can

    The last time you wore lingerie was...
    My honeymoon
    Oh, today of course

    One day I hope to...
    Make a billion dollars
    Change the world
    Find my soul mate

    I want to take better care of myself but...
    I don’t have time
    I don’t know how
    No need

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    When I hear the word beauty I think.
    It serves a purpose when it's practical
    I see it everywhere
    I crave it always

    The number one reason you don’t have sex is
    Too busy
    Don't need it
    Too tired

    When I see other women I feel
    More successful & intelligent
    Honored to be a woman
    More beautiful & sensual