Why Your Plans Are Not Working


I want to share with you something I’ve been experiencing lately. You may also be experiencing this, too.  I call it “Planning Pains.”

As I move into new spaces within my life and business,  these “Planning Pains” are coming up for me! Let me tell you what I mean by that.  This is so important for our journey and our ability to create what it is we really love.

So many women ask me, “How can I do everything? How do I plan everything?” Yes, I know planning is important, but if you overplan, you will get stuck in the overwhelm and anxiety of getting everything done.

We can get stuck in the planning phases of our lives, and if we are not aligned with our vision, this can turn into a very masculine and rigid way of getting things done.

Those of you that were with me for the Sensual Planning Day know that there is a way to plan that is aligned with your vision.

If we become too rigid, it won’t serve us with growing our gifts, our business, or our truth.

What is the difference between a plan and a vision?

It’s really important that you have a sensual relationship with your planning.

Planning and VisionIf we’re just focused on the plan, we’re like a race- horse with the blinders on. We’re just doing and going as fast as we can.

Every once in awhile you can take the blinders off, and ask yourself, “What is my vision?”

So ask yourself: How can you reconnect with your vision? Feel into this. Where is your vision today? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

FemmeType Insight: This is for your New Yorker, she desires to plan in a way that aligns with her greater vision.

Your Indie loves supporting you in stepping into your vision.

Your Frenchie expands into her beauty when she discovers a more sensual relationship to planning.

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Elegant Femme Transcript: Why Your Plans Aren’t Working

Hi. This is Tara Marino with ElegantFemme.com.

I want to share with you something that I’ve been experiencing lately, and I know that if I’m experiencing it mostly likely you’re either experiencing it, or have, or will in the near future. So, one of my truest intentions here within Elegant Femme is to share with you from a very vulnerable space, and I know that when I’m growing through something so I can share with you; be real; it’ll have an effect, and it will assist you.

So, I talk to a lot of women, and one of the things that I hear a lot has been reflected back in my life and that is well Tara how do I plan for everything? How do I get everything done? How do I do it all? And it’s just like this stress, right? I want to share with you what I’ve been going through which I’m calling some “planning pain”. So you know how we have growing pain? I’m having some planning pain, and let me tell you what I mean by that because I feel like this is really important to our journey especially as women when we’re trying to create what it is we really want in our lives and utilize our gifts.

So, we can get very stuck in the planning phases. We can get very rigid and planning itself is something that is very; can be very, very masculine. We have deadlines; we have structure, and we have to do this, and this, and what we need to allow ourselves to do is yes plan; however, you need to also keep in line your vision.

So what I really want to talk to you about right now is the difference between a plan and a vision, and assist you in remembering to connect with your vision. It’s really, really important that you have a sensual relationship with your vision because if you don’t, and you get stuck in the planning; you’re going to find yourself really stuck, really rigid, really anxious, and really overwhelmed thinking oh my gosh I have to do this; I have to do this, and what about this. That’s a space I found myself in really recently, and it doesn’t serve us. It’s not going to serve you, and your gifts and growing your business in your life in a way that really supports you. Okay?

So really important you need to understand the difference between a plan and a vision. This is something I actually teach in one of my courses. A plan we just explained; the rigidness; I have to do this; I have to do that. You want to have a plan about how you are going to accomplish something, but if you forget the vision; you’re like you know when those horses; the horse races and they got their blinders on so they can’t see the horse next to them; you know what I mean; they’re ready to go, and they don’t want to see what’s going on over here, so they got their blinders on? If we’re just focused on the plan, we’re like those horses with the blinders, and they say go, and we just run. Go, go, go; where am I going; where am I going; go, go, go, right, and we don’t look up. You’ll end up at the finish line not knowing how you got there, and not having any fun when you get there.

I have so many women that come to me that have grown businesses and say my gosh Tara I followed the plan how did I get here. They got there, and they are not liking it because they forgot their vision. Every once in awhile you need to take those blinders off, and you need to look up and say wait a minute is this where I wanted to go? Is this my intention? Am I enjoying this? Do I still like this? What is my vision? What is my vision? You must continually reconnect with your vision.

So if, you’re starting to have that planning pains, and it’s really very common this time of year; those of you who were in the Sensual Planning Day you know that we have a brand new way to plan within Elegant Femme. There was almost like a thousand of you who signed-up for that. So you know there is a sensual way to plan, but still our New Yorkers can get kind of rigid. So if, you’re starting to feel those planning pains; I want you to reconnect with your vision. Why are you doing what you’re doing? How does it feel to be doing what you’re doing? How do you want to feel doing what you’re doing? Can you infuse that energy of sensuality back into your vision?

So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to leave a comment below, and I want you to share with me how can you re-connect with your vision. How? I want to know; I want you to feel into this today. Here we are; we’re at the end of January. The planning has begun. Here we go with the year. Hold on, why am I doing what I’m doing? What ignites this passion in me? Where is my vision? That’s what I want to hear from you.

Tara Marino with Elegant Femme, let me know, what you are going to do to re-connect with your vision.

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