Preparing for a Sensual Year in 2013


Register today: Seats are limited for this ONE-Time Event: Sensual Planning Day

Happy New Year!!

Get ready set PLAN! But.. wait a minute. Slow down.

Remember my last video? I had you make your 10 things that you are most grateful for in 2012. If you haven’t done that, there’s still time to do this.

We are in the New Year and yes…the energy is starting to unfold. There’s some big pieces calling us forward for who we are here to become. In my journey there is something I’ve really learned that supports me in really moving towards what I want to do and become each year.

I do believe in the importance of planning, but I believe in planning in a specific way that will support our desires as a woman.

I used to OVER PLAN a lot -OR- I wouldn’t plan at all.

I’ve allowed myself to find a balance. It will be void of proving and void of attachment. We won’t need to attach ourselves so much to what we want to create.

But you do want to make sure you are committed. So how do we do that? How do we go into the year non-attached while also staying committed to receiving what it is we truly require to grow?

I want to show you the actual process we go through to plan as a woman. This year is really about coming from a place of power and not of force.

We’re going to have an opportunity PLAN for 2013 together!

What would it be like if 2013 was the most incredible, sensual, prosperous year yet?

What would it be like to step into your desires with ease, power, and clarity?

Join me for a Sensual Planning Day. We are going to spend some intimate time together, planning for 2013 in a way that supports your Frenchie, your Indie, and Your New Yorker in a way that’s organic, authentic, powerful and unique to YOU.

Register today: Seats are limited for this ONE-Time Event: Sensual Planning Day

Leave a comment below. How are you going to plan for 2013 in a new way?

FemmeType Insight: This is for your New Yorker, she is ready to sensually plan for your New Year and bring in more prosperity than every before.

Your Frenchie is ready to support your New Yorker in planning in a sensually authentic and elegant way.

Your Indie is here to guide you towards your big dreams, your truth, and your desires without the overwhelm.

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Elegant Femme Transcript: Preparing for a Sensual Year

Hi. This is Tara Marino with Happy New Year!

So the New Year’s here – we’re in it. Now it’s time, right? Get ready, set, plan! Well, wait a minute. The last time we connected I had you do something very special: How do you choose the top 10 things you’re so grateful for and so thankful for and why? If you didn’t do that process, it’s okay, it’s alright. You can still do it and you don’t have to have it done to receive what it is I am going to be telling you about today. So let’s just be really clear on that. No, oh my gosh I don’t know. I have to stop. We utilize that excuse as a woman a lot.
Here we are, we’re in the New Year and the energy is starting, right? We know there are some big things we want to do this year. We know there are some big pieces that are calling us towards who it is we are here to become, and we know, we know there are some things we want to enjoy this year. So, in my journey there is something I really learned. Last year was a really big lesson for me in understanding that as I plan my year because I do believe in planning, I believe in planning, however, in a very certain specific way that is going to support our custom desires as women.

One of the mistakes I’ve made in the past, and let me see if you can relate to this, is I would either really plan a lot and kind of over plan and really attach myself to what it was I wanted that year, or I wouldn’t plan at all because that way whatever happened was a really big surprise and over deliver. How did that happen? No one even knew it was going to happen. I have really allowed myself to find a balance in between that because there is a certain accountability that you can step into that will be a void from proving and void from attachment. So there are two traps we can fall into as women when we’re planning our year. We plan our year around proving something to someone else or attaching, like so much attached to what it is we want to create that we squeeze the life out of it. When we squeeze the life out of it this is how it feels, you feel whew overwhelmed, you oh my gosh I have to, oh my gosh if I don’t… right? Sounds familiar?

So you want to make sure that you’re not proving, you’re not attached but that you are committed. How do we do that? How do we go into our year in 2013 committed but not attached and not trying to prove anything? Understand that from that committed energy we actually have more results, more unique results, more custom results to us as women that are going to support our Femme types.

So there is a particular thing that I want to do with you. I have never done this before. I want to show you the actual process of how to plan as a woman. Now I have specific templates for this that I use that I’ve never just shared openly before. I only share them with clients and I’ve given it to them, and they’ve done them on their own. But you know what, this year; this is really coming from a space of power and not from the space of force. So if you found yourself starting to get into the energy at the beginning of the year, I’m going to force myself – you got to step into power not force, and we’re going to have the opportunity to do this together. I’m so excited because I’ve never done it in this way before.

So below, right here somewhere, you’re going to have information and a link on how to join me because we are actually going to have a Sensual Planning Day, time together where I’m going to gift you a template; I’m going to gift you a time; we’re actually going to do this together! So that at the end of that time, you’re going to have your year planned in a way that supports your Frenchie, your Indie and your New Yorker.

I want you to bring those top 10 things from the last time if you have them, if you don’t, alright well talk about that, we’re going to this together. You’re going to have an opportunity to plan your year 2013 in a way that is organic, authentic, powerful and unique to you so you can approach this year, not from force, not from proving and not from attaching but from a true commitment to allow yourself to become more of who you are to become this year, do what it is you’re really here to do and allow yourself to enjoy what it is you’re here to enjoy.

So take a look below, wherever that is and join me in the Sensual Planning Day. Did I forget anything? Of course, if you want to leave a comment below, leave a comment; and more important than all that, join us. We’re going to be planning our year in a new way.

I’ll see you then.