Speaking of magic...want some?

Bon Dimanche (Happy Sunday)...

From the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Fall pumpkins

We are about to head out to a cute little pumpkin patch and have apple cider.  Because my teenage boys want to?

Heck no! 😉

After living in Europe for 7 years, this is the first time I will be at a pumpkin patch and I loooove this time of year...so fresh, so tender, and so magical.

Speaking of magic…

Yes, let’s talk about magic for a quick sec.

It’s so often underrated and yet so many women I know believe in it...at least they say they do.

Next week, I am going to share with you a short story series I created with a little bit of magic.  

You will meet a character from my book and feel inside of what is possible for you.

So let’s open up to a little magic, shall we?

With love and guiding light,





PS. Yes, this is a complimentary gift, and my intention is that we enjoy, receive and grow into a new level of the course of this series.

PPS. I'd love for you to share what magic you'd like to invite into your life...share in the comments below.