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Do you ever feel like something is missing from your life?

Perhaps it manifests as an intense longing for something you can’t quite put your finger on.
You feel something is slightly (or even majorly!) off kilter, and it leaves you wishing, wanting,
perhaps even praying for something MORE...

The answers you seek can all be found here when you take the quiz and discover how your
THREE unique Femme Types each play a crucial part in creating the balance and freedom you are seeking.

Take The Quiz Below And Discover Your Truth

Within minutes, you will receive a customized analysis of your current relationship with your FemmeTypes,
and where you need to balance your unique trio to achieve optimum results in your life.

This short quiz will only take you 3 minutes. Some of the options might not 100% apply to you. In that case just choose the answer that most closely aligns with your current situation. More details are to to be revealed later.

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    The first thing you do when you start your day is?
    Check Email
    Have a cup of tea
    Make the beds

    The feeling I experience the most is?

    If you were to explain your relationship with your significant other you would say...
    Best friend

    You feel the most confident when you are
    Making money
    Helping others
    Feeling beautiful

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    When it comes to exercise you...
    Always plan to, but it never seems to happen
    Do what your body needs
    Fit it in when you can

    The last time you wore lingerie was...
    My honeymoon
    Oh, today of course

    One day I hope to...
    Make a billion dollars
    Change the world
    Find my soul mate

    I want to take better care of myself but...
    I don’t have time
    I don’t know how
    No need

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    When I hear the word beauty I think.
    It serves a purpose when it's practical
    I see it everywhere
    I crave it always

    The number one reason you don’t have sex is
    Too busy
    Don't need it
    Too tired

    When I see other women I feel
    More successful & intelligent
    Honored to be a woman
    More beautiful & sensual

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