I NEVER thought I would love this (or be so peaceful and productive).


My family and I recently took a 5-day road trip and traveled across the USA by car. No, I’m not crazy;).

It was one of the more rewarding experiences I’ve had with my husband and our two boys.

It also happens to be the longest road trip I’ve taken since I was a little girl when I drove with my father, brother, and our dog from NY to California.

Looking back on my childhood I still think about that road trip as one of the most meaningful experiences I had as a little girl. I still remember staying in the Motel 6 and eating at KFC as we made our way across America while my dad had our undivided attention.

There is something about the open road and being together that fuels me.

The only agenda being how far we were going to go that day and to watch the gorgeous landscape change with every state. Because I felt NO pressure to get anything done, I actually was very productive. I even created a new website for TARA Paris (coming soon). We journaled, talked, sang and ate Big League Chew.

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You may or may not like road trips, but they have become a part of our formula as a family. We are going to start doing them once a month (thanks to a team member suggestion).

We found that the connection, the freedom and the opportunity to be in a small space together is something we love.

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In today's busy world, I found such peace in connecting with myself and my family on the open road.

Here is a little guide I created that may support you on your next road trip.

roadtrips download

I would love to hear from you...

What is it that you do to connect with your family?


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