My Chic & Happy Summer Essentials

From a little cove inside the Greek Islands, I am sharing with you my.....


This includes all of the secret products, essentials--what keep in my "Summer Panier" PLUS some below.

First I...


...My personal theme for the summer happens to be, Chic & Happy.

What is summer about?

Summer is supposed to be fun! Think about when you were a little girl.

What did you dream of experiencing during summer?

I used to dream about...what books I am going to read, how I would look different when I went back to school, maybe a summer romance...

I'm talking about that fun and adventure feeling!

STRETCH yourself in SUMMER

What is it that’s fun?
What is it that’s unique?
How do you want to feel this summer?

Simplicity & Style:
Summer is about fun, but it is also about …..Simplicity!

If you can find a piece that has the versatility to be worn day, or night, it is fantastic! I look for things that can have multiple uses, and you will see that in our Tara Paris products as well.

Make sure you watch the video for all the style tips!

Chic and Happy


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Now it’s your turn to share your favorite style tips (or let us know how you are using these)

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