I am taking a Sabbatical...

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Bonjour or should I say Au revoir?

I have something important to share with you today...this may be the most valuable email I have ever written to you…

It is about REST.  It is about doing something so outside the norm that we typically don’t even allow ourselves to consider it.

It is about NOT doing.

It is about a Sabbatical.

Yes, I have chosen to take a sabbatical and not work for an extended period of time.


I will share more with you about that in a minute.

Let's first look at what this really means and why we resist it.

We are taught to work as a means of value in the world, as a way to prove that we are worthy.  There is nothing wrong with working and it has some amazing benefits...until it doesn't.

So many women are past the point of no return.  They have entered into a state of diminishing returns when it comes to working.

That in order to be worthy one must prove their value in the world by the amount of things they “do.”

Our society has become overrun with the idea that we need to work harder.

Work smarter.

In fact...Work Anywhere!

This has caused a HUGE problem in our society.

I understand that the freedom to work anywhere can be compelling, but it has also caused an overriding feeling that just because you can work anywhere, that you should be working at all times!

We are not meant to work anywhere and all the time.

This creates exhaustion, overwhelm and resentment for many women.

In the end, women are not sharing their best gifts to the world, because they are tired and stuck in a model of producing.

After my recent miscarriage, I began to question everything.

What I was doing, how I was doing it and asking the deeper questions of what my soul was seeking at this particular time.

The answer surprised me...

So much so I wanted to ignore it, negotiate with it...anything but listen to it.

Finally, I did listen.

It became clear I need a break, a big break...not just a vacation, but a real pause.

I need S P A C E.

S P A C E for spirit, to create my next level and to receive what is coming through me.

I am being asked to share a powerful level of truth with the world and I need time and space to receive it.

The solution?

A sabbatical with my family.  We leave May 13th on a sailboat and will see where the wind takes us.

This particular decision was not easy. We are making major changes to our life, to our business and our lifestyle in order to honor this...

I am clear that my commitment to my soul must come first.

Taking this sabbatical is the most spiritual opportunity available to me at the moment.

Seriously, RESTING is the most spiritual thing I can do.

Let's take a look at some of the context around Sabbatical and where it comes from.

Sabbatical comes from the root word Sabbath, which refers to the 7th day of rest. If you are interested in the Bible context, it talks about a Sabbatical being necessary and to STOP producing so one can receive.  There are references in the Bible to crops needing to rest every 7 years and even debt being forgiven every 7 years.

This is rarely talked about!

We need to REST in order to RECEIVE.

Spirit does not care about how much you produce. It is the way you honor and reside inside of yourself that shifts your consciousness.

My intention is to set forward a brand new way of BEING in the world and honoring ourselves as women.

I am taking this sabbatical so I can be more of the woman I am here to be, the soul I am here to honor and allow my life to be even more spirit led.

Stay tuned as I will be sharing much more with you in the future about how this goes…because I do NOT have all the answers ;).

All we know is that we require this level of healing, beauty and rest in our lives and we are making this decision based on that knowing...and that IS enough.

Would love to hear your comments...click here to share.

PS. Join us May 6th for our mid-year Sensual Planning Day. I will share more with you about the need for rest for a woman right now and how you can plan your life with YOU at the center.