The Yes Factor-Do you have it?

Yes factor

It is not the IT factor, not FEAR factor, not even the S-factor. I am talking about the YES factor. That is right, the YES factor. This is something I believe in with all my heart. You know it is easy for us to say yes to life when things are going well. We find ourselves in a place of peace and least resistance and we naturally flow through life. Opportunities open up and everything feels well…just right.

But what about the times when you really want to say NO? What about the times when things are not going your way? When your programs do not succeed? When your children are upset? When you are not truly communicating with your spouse? Or even when your body doesn’t look exactly the way you want. What then? How do we as women still say YES? How do we connect with the YES factor?

First you need to understand what NO actually does.  Right now, take a moment and say NO.  What happens?   You feel tight, you feel protective, you even feel threatened.
This feeling is not comfortable for anyone, now do not underestimate the power of saying NO.  There are absolutely circumstances where we require to say NO.  When we over commit, require healthy boundaries etc.  But I am not talking about that. I am talking about saying YES to yourself.

Think about how many times during a day you tell your self no. No I can’t do that, no that is not possible, no I shouldn’t eat that, no, no no. How exhausted are you?

I invite you to practice saying YES, for a whole week. I know you can do it.

This will build your self confidence, your self worth AND you will be surprised at what is really possible for you in your life. I love saying YES, I love watching a woman say YES to herself, and YES to her life.

There are many many ways you can say YES in your life, I’d love to hear how YOU are saying Yes in yours!