Those People: Part 2

Did you see the last post I did about “Those People?”

We got into a deep place last week with the concept of “Those people.” So many emotions behind this!

I had no idea how much attention and emotion the last post would have for people so we’re continuing the journey.

Right now I am in Cannes looking over the Mediterranean.  We spent a incredible evening at a Cannes Film Festival after party and fashion show. 

When we got here, I was having a lot of FauxType issues come up. I wondered,”Is this really OK? Is this really Ok to live this way??!”

Yes, in fact, it is.

I want to talk to you about the importance of beginning to align yourself with those people.

It’s not just the monetary aspect. It’s also how people hold themselves, how they carry their energy, how they are able to receive.

How DO you align yourself with yourself with those people? I can give you a tip.

Ask yourself: How could you potentially help those people? How could you assist those people on their journey?

I know you might think those people might have everything, but there’s so many ways you could assist them.

At the end  of this I want you to leave a comment in response to the following questions:

1) Think of who you know that are “Those people.”

2) Think of something you can do to help or show appreciation for those people. Come from a place of love and gratitude when you do this and you’ll be amazed how things begin to shift for you!

Let’s share in the celebration of Those People!



PS: You have to see this view… This is where life is Limitless.