What To Do If Someone Copies You

How to Deal with being copied

Have you ever been copied? Or copied someone?

This is a topic that feels secretive...but we are going to open it up, bring it into the light…and discuss several different aspects of this.

Including, how to honor the feeling that comes up inside and also some practical tips when it happens.

And on the other side of this...I will share what is really going on inside when you go beyond "being inspired" by someone's work to actually copying their work (how to make that distinction and what to do instead).

Watch the video for the full process and a personal story from my own life...and then meet me below to dive in deeper.

When you are copied, pay attention to what really comes up inside of you.

  • Feel the pain of what it means to be copied
  • Is it the feeling of “not being special”?
  • What kind of emotions are coming up inside of you?
  • What’s your fear inside of that?
  • Consider if you have copied anybody else?

We all receive inspiration….

So what is that fine line between being inspired by what somebody is doing, and actually copying them?

The line between…

Seeing somebody’s idea and putting your own spin on it


Copy/pasting someone else’s work.

When you take somebody else's work, it’s not going to be authentic… (or effective).

If it doesn’t work, why do we do it?

We do that because we’re afraid of our own authenticity.

This fear causes us to use someone else’s work OR not put anything out into the world at all.

You might be thinking:

“Tara, how can I create my own real piece of work and identity in the world when I resonate so much with something somebody else is doing?”

  • Put your own spin on it
  • Speak your own voice (It IS SCARY)
  • If your works are inspired that there is some authentic piece in there that is from you.

I know we have heard, “Being copied is the best form of flattery”

But...It can be a hard pill to swallow.

If this has happened to you…I say, CONGRATULATIONS!

It shows you’re a leader!
It shows there is something you are doing that is catching other people’s attention…

Don’t let it stop you.

Let yourself create your next thing, and bring your uniqueness into the world.

“No one can do you, like you can do you”

If there is something unique that you have created, have it copywritten, have it trademarked, have it patented. AND if someone is infringing on your intellectual property rights, TAKE ACTION!

  • Get legal support
  • Get it protected
  • Follow-through on it

Have your things...what you have created protected.

If you are copying...

Be aware if you are the one copying someone else, and make the distinction inside of yourself.

“Embody your unique purpose”

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

If you have been inspired by somebody else’s work or thoughts... you can take that main idea and expand on it.

Make sure you give that person credit. You can use the phrasing “Initially inspired by”.

If you feel like you might be crossing the lines of somebody else’s work, you can always ask them.

Has this happened to you? I would love to hear how what came up for you and how you dealt with it.

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