by Tapping into the FemmeTypes...

(feel more alive and connected to YOU in only 10 minutes a day. )

Have you heard the myth?

That you have to work really hard to achieve success?

This myth?

Putting yourself first is selfish!

People will tell you to be a good mom… or a good wife… or a good sister… that you need to take care of others first.

But if you’re not making yourself a priority FIRST then deep down you have resentment towards yourself and the people you love.

And if you’re sacrificing yourself to make other people happy then you aren’t showing up as “the best you” you can be. If you do this in the end EVERYONE loses.

After being a daughter, sister, wife & mother for so, so long, I am now starting to be Colette again for the first time in over 35 years!!!

- Collete

My day never goes as well if I skip the Femme Flow List. I ALWAYS sleep better if I do the FFL especially the evening steps, as it kind of closes out the day for me and allows me the peace to sleep well. I believe this is because it gets me to honor what has gone right or well in the day rather than going to bed worrying about the things I didn't get done yet.


I am very happy with the Femme Flow. It is amazing, best decision ever. Learning so much. Embracing all the great information and advice through this beautiful process. Thank you, yes I am doing it and loving it! Joining Elegant Femme is the best decision I ever made. It has helped so much.

- Dianne C

There are some AMAZING benefits to maximizing the most important 10 minutes of your day which may include…


The Most IMPORTANT 10 Minutes of Your Day…

The most critical minutes are:

The first 5 minutes of your morning after you wake up. And the 5 minutes right before you go to bed.

If you don’t utilize these precious minutes in a way that serves you then you’ll never feel truly fulfilled.

You’ll be waiting for other people to make you happy.


You’ll be waiting for a new client, a new job, your child’s report card to be the source of your fulfillment.


And that’s not sustainable. It’s not in your control.


You can’t rely on outside circumstances to dictate how you feel. You’ll be “waiting” on others to fulfill you, to acknowledge you, and to show you your value.


Of course, you feel happy when your daughter gets an A in Math or when your husband decides to buy you flowers, just because.


The key is it can’t be the ONLY way you are happy (or sad).


You can’t depend on these things to happen all the time. Especially the husband buying flowers. Although I have found they can be trained to do this. But that’s for another time;)


So back to the 10 minutes.


What’s critical is that you utilize the first 5 minutes in your morning and last 5 minutes in your evening to connect with the REAL you.


When done properly you will tap into your authentic self.


And once you start doing this consistently, you’ll live a life you’re truly proud of. I call this “Living a Beautiful, Soul-Led Life”.


But how do you do this?

How do you PROPERLY CONNECT With your AUTHENTIC self during these critical 10 minutes of the day?

Before I share how to do it, I want to let you in on how the system was developed…


It came from a tragedy I experienced in my life that ultimately was the catalyst to changing thousands of women’s lives.


In 2002 my firstborn son Mason was born. He contracted pneumonia and died 6 days after his birth.


As you can imagine this crushed me. I was in complete shock. I was angry. Angry at myself, angry at the world and angry at God.


Frankly, I hated the everything for a year.


Eventually, I began to pull myself out of the fog.


Once I stopped asking “Why?” and started to ask “How?”… Only then did things start to change.


By asking this question I began down a path of healing and growth.


And as a result, I ended up discovering a powerful system that changed my life and thousands of other women’s lives as well.

The Powerful System that is Changing Thousands of Lives…

What I discovered was a life-changing framework that makes it EASY to love ALL of who you are…


I realized that we all have 3 unique aspects of ourselves called the FemmeTypes.


When you tap into them properly, you’ll be in tune and in sync with your true self.


They help you stay aligned. They help you feel authentic. They help the real you shine.


So, what are the FemmeTypes?


You have these 3 aspects inside of you called The Indie, The Frenchie, and The New Yorker.


Use the FemmeTypes to Connect with Your Authentic Self


Is that part of you that’s is fully aware of your value and self-worth.

She connects you to your sense of intuition and your sense of receiving.

She aligns you with your “Being”


Has healthy relationships

A self-honoring body iYour Frenchie assist you in knowing what pleases you (in all ways)

She is the part of you that embraces “Enjoying”.


Is the aspect that aligns you with power and prosperity

She’s organized

She’s strategic

She supports you in taking aligned action

Is about “Doing” the things that truly bring you the biggest reward

And now you can experience the transformation in your life with the Femme Flow List program.

Still not sure if it works?

Let me share what the Femme Flow List has done for my life.

Following the process allowed me to get clear on what was important for me to experience.  


As a result, I moved abroad with my family in France.  


Created my company Elegant Femme which became a 7-figure business (without ever having experience running a business).


Launched a fashion line, Tara Paris, in France and held 2 critically acclaimed fashion shows.


But most importantly I’m living my truth every day. 


My husband and I have an amazing marriage of 18 years.  


My teenage boys and I talk about everything and we have a fantastic relationship.  And I live in the moment.  

The Femme Flow List helps me appreciate the day to day living. The big things are great. But in the end it’s about the moments throughout the day where I am connected to who I am and the people I love that have the biggest impact on my life.

The daily feminine success ritual to feel more alive and connected in only 10 minutes a day.

What is the Femme Flow List?

A step by step system created to support women like you with a morning and evening routine that prioritizes what you desire each day.


You will receive the daily prompts that bookend your day ensuring that you be, enjoy and do what is most important to you.


Each day you will follow the simple guided system and fill out your am and pm routine, you will also receive the special “structure your day the FemmeType way” process so you flow through your day organically.

The Femme Flow List is a process I created that helped turn my life around.

In 2002, I was in a dark space after my firstborn son passed away from pneumonia.   


After a year of grieving I started to look for a way to love myself again.  I wanted to look at the world in a more positive light. 


Over the next few years I perfected my daily success ritual.   

It’s now known as the Femme Flow List.

The magic of the system is that it only takes a few minutes a day. 

I didn’t want to spend hours each day “working on myself.”  


Who has that time?   


So I found a powerful and effective way to connect with my true self.  My true desires.  


I incorporated a proprietary method called the FemmeTypes into this daily ritual and it made a huge impact.  


And it only took me 10 minutes a day. 

Once I started following this process I started loving myself again. I found my purpose.  I was connected with my husband in a way I hadn’t been in years.  


So in 2012, I shared this with my high-end Creme De La Femme mastermind clients.  


These women were each paying $20k to work with me.  


The feedback for the Femme Flow List was off the charts.  


The women started experiencing incredible results like improving their self-esteem, losing weight, finding their passion, etc.   


Once I saw the power this had on these women I decided to share the process with the world.  


Now thousands of women are using the Femme Flow List on a daily basis. 

The Femme Flow List has helped thousands of women make themselves the priority and create a beautiful day for themselves in the process.

The End Result?

It is absolutely amazing how something as simple at the Femme Flow List can change your entire day... Tara Marino thank you so much!

- Kelly

I love how my femmes support me through the Femme Flow List, It's beautiful to observe this harmony among my inner voices and makes me feel a deep self love and gratitude ❤️


I have been doing the FFL for the last week and already feel more in control, more focused and as though I am moving steadily forward!


When I do the Femme Flow List it changes the trajectory of my day. It makes me feel much more purposeful. It helps me really think about what is important to me and what it is that I most want to accomplish so in that way I really love it.


I am feeling a deeper connection and support. I am gifting myself to stay connected through the day and am seeing changes in every aspect of my life, from what I eat, how I eat, what I spend money on, how I respond versus react, fewer judgments in others and myself, more compassion, a deeper connection to my Natural Essence, Soul and Spirit.

I’m setting and keeping boundaries! I’m connecting with my body to know when things are out of alignment. And I’m feeling into what is no longer working for me and taking actions to move out of those, in questioning thoughts. I am grateful for you and the lessons/tools you share that are giving me permission to connect with my beautiful life.


I don’t know how I ever focused my day without the FFL! My desires seem more in alignment and I can feel myself starting to reawaken to the possibility that is me.

And it’s all from taking just a few minutes twice daily to follow a process If you do nothing else for yourself, GET THIS! And then make a commitment to yourself to follow the process. You will inspire beautiful, gorgeous shifts in your life and you will be amazed at the profound impact it has on you.


I woke up this morning excited to start my Femme Flow List. Because I am new to the Elegant Femme process, I felt that I needed more direction on how best to complete my Femme Flow List. And voila!

I feel totally enlivened and it was the perfect way for me to start the year!. Merci, Tara.


Here is exactly what is waiting for you inside the

Femme Flow Program

9 mini modules

(this can be completed in under 2 hours)

13 page gorgeous Femme Flow Workbook

13 page gorgeous Femme Flow Workbook to show you exactly how to Femme Flow each day

Behind the scenes with Femme Flow Clients:

Advanced Femme Flow Training recorded workshop. Listen in as I coach clients through their top Femme Flow Questions (so you don’t get stuck!)

Femme Flow Template

Structure your Day with the Femmes. Learn how to structure your day to honor all of who you are

To ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to start experiencing a Beautiful Life and structure your day for success,

you’ll also get access to a special bonus

The Creation Guide: Simple System to Recieve Everything You Desire (in the next year)

Value of $97

Getting clear on what you want and how to get it is very difficult for many women.  This workbook will help you identify what’s important to you and help you bring your passions and goals into your life… This year!



Start living your Beautiful Soul-Led life NOW


This is your chance to receive this course at this magnifique low price

Buy it & apply it.

You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee

II want to give you the confidence to put the Femem Flow List into your daily routine and experience how quickly you can starte feeling grateful and connected every day.  

That’s why I’m giving you a full 30 days to go through the program, watch all the videos, and start following the Femme Flow List daily success ritual. 

If you’re not thrilled with the results just email us at and we’ll process the refund within 2 business days..  I’m so confident you’ll love the Femme Flow List I’ll even let you keep access to the program if you cancel!

You Have Questions.

I have answers.

The course is broken down into easy to consume modules. You can complete the modules in under 2 hours!  And know everything you need about how to set up your day to serve you.  You can of course choose to watch only one module a day for a week and take it at your own pace.  It is up to you.  This training is meant to be easily and readily available for you to implement today!

No this is not a journaling course.  The Femme Flow Reveal will teach you about the three most Feminine aspects, The Indie, The Frenchie and The New Yorker, and how to honor them each day in a very simple and potent way.  

I do the Femme Flow every day and I would not be where I am in my life today without it.  No matter what level of ‘success’ you already have, it’s vital for you to be connecting with ALL of who you are so you can go to the next level again and again.  This process is TIMELESS and you will never outgrow it!

I LOVE this question and I will tell you why.  As women we can have a tendency to over complicate things ( I know right?  This process is so simple and so effective that you can overthink or SKIP it and try to make it harder…10 minutes is MORE than enough to create your flow.  Just look!

Yes ma’am.  Full 30-day money back.  Just email support at and we’ll refund you in 2 days if you’re not thrilled with the Femme Flow List. 

Imagine how different your life could look if…


Start living your Beautiful Soul-Led life NOW


This is your chance to receive this course at this magnifique low price