I was out of sync…here is what I did

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In my recent training, “Do less, Be better, Enjoy more,” I shared how I actually allowed myself to go on a three-month sabbatical with my family, the depth of my experience, and what has occurred in my life due to that incredible decision.

 One of the most powerful insights that I shared was the potency of how we spend each precious moment of our lives. Yeah, I get that we ‘know’ that, but do we really LIVE that way?

I have to tell you, I teach this stuff, and I was not always honoring this deep knowing inside. I had gotten a bit carried away with my busy schedule, traveling often, doing seminars, live events, fashion shows, and even though I LOVE all of those things.

Secretly, my soul was craving something else.

I pride myself on spending quality time with my kids–the truth is I wanted MORE of it!

Secretly, my soul was longing for quiet walks on the beach, more time to cook, FREE time with nothing to do, more intimate time with myself and Spirit. The time to take a two-hour yoga class if I felt like it! And to spend more time with my little love, Lucy (a too-cute-for-words Bichon Havanese that I can’t get enough of ;).

To honor this deep knowing inside, I had to make some changes in my life. Changes that my ego was not too crazy about…at first.

I want to share with you today–steps to gain that level of clarity in your life.

That is where it starts, right?

We have to know (at least a little bit) of what we want/don’t want to create and experience in our lives.

STEP 1. Have a daily check-in with yourself, a time where you identify what is true for you EACH day. It is not enough to do it once in awhile. You will eventually be looking for patterns here–my suggestion is to have at least 3 weeks, 21 days MINIMUM to see a pattern.

STEP 2. Evaluate a pattern by identifying what you are sharing in that daily check-in time that is meaningful to you. For example, say a part of your daily check-in time is what you are grateful for that day. You realize you are grateful you played with your kids, or walked your dog, or worked out or didn’t drink wine or…whatever.

STEP 3. CREATE more time in your life to experience those things/people/places/feelings in your life by making a conscious choice to bring them into your DAILY life. Yes, I said daily, not once a month, or have it happen by accident, but daily. This creates a FULL life, a life you love, a life that is filled with contentment, beauty, grace, and SPACE.

A Beautiful Life starts with a beautiful day…commit to your life daily.

You will, of course, be required to make some choices after you know that information and powerfully HONOR that every day.

The way I do this in my own life (and it has been supporting me for almost ten years) is my Femme Flow List. It is a simple, yet super effective tool that supports me every day to

  • Have clarity
  • Align with my soul’s calling
  • Celebrate my life
  • Feel content and grateful (no matter how much is still left to do…)
  • Create movement and ‘red flags’ for myself when I am not on track

If you would like to incorporate this same flow in your own life, CLICK HERE and see the Femme Flow process.


 No matter what you do, chose a time each day to reflect, preferably morning and night, on what is truly important and meaningful to you.

Give yourself permission to make the necessary changes in your life you require to support you.

With love, blessings, and beachy vibes,


PS. I’d love to hear your comments, questions and insights about this–share them in the comments section below.