4 Weeks to Activate your Authentic Self Opt In

4 Weeks to Activate your Authentic Self

4 Weeks to Activate your Authentic Self

If I Wanted To Feel ALIVE, CONNECTED and TRUST Myself With My Decisions And Follow Through On What Matters Most…

Trust Yourself and Act Now…

This is exactly what I would do to honor my truth and trust myself
with every decision… even if the whole world is scared.


  • We are getting you clarity on your truth by Activating your authentic self through a special process (never taught before).
  • We are isolating the ONE THING your authentic self needs right now (that will create the most impact).
  • We are taking aligned action to FOLLOW THROUGH on what matters most NOW (so you can trust yourself, experience real-world results and create with ease).


  • Twice a week you will receive a short video with a process and set of instructions on exactly what to do.
  • Once a week I will be live so I can answer your questions and give you help when you need it.
  • You will be added to a brand new membership only Facebook group for this program with more support and accountability for you.


  • CONSCIOUS – A conscious woman who wants to utilize the opportunity of all that is going on in the world to deepen her connection with her soul and her Beautiful life.
  • COACHABLE You must be willing to do what I tell you to do. No matter how much experience you have or don’t have. Second guessing the process, going into your heart or wanting things to be proven to you before you take action will halt your success.
  • COMMITMENT You must be committed to this conversation. This will bring up challenges, uncomfortable triggers inside and massive growth. You can be afraid, but you cannot let that stop you! If you give up easily, this is not for you.

Disclaimer : This class will require work and commitment. You must show up and participate to receive results. In no way is your performance guaranteed.

I have been doing this for over 15 years. What you will learn is PRICELESS and TIMELESS… it will be with you forever.

*no matter what level of ‘experience’ you have with personal/spiritual growth, this will meet you where you are and support your NEXT level of mastery.*

Please note: We will be using Facebook as a delivery platform for this program. You do not have to *like* Facebook, however you must be willing to go in and use the platform to receive the value from this course. If not, please do not purchase the program.


$100 (that’s it!)

This is an amazing, crazy offer and we both know it.

Live group training with me right now is a minimum of $6,000. You are getting live training plus all the new processes for just $100.

That is about $3.33 a day…. less than the price of a kombucha or a green juice, the O magazine, and not to even mention a Starbucks latte.