I am seeing it and feeling it deeply. Women who are over trying to fit in to any standard, or expectation.
Tired of burying the depth and expansion of their desires or their intuition.
What used to feel big, doesn't even scratch the surface.
What used to feel safe now feels like chains.
There is a calling, a longing to be released like never before.
A fierce fire yearning for expression.
A knowing, a remembering of her sacred power, of her heartfelt YES.
A yearning to LIVE like she has never lived before.
I see you.
You are Elegance Reborn.

How it works

Over the source of our 5 days together you will remember you have a blank check.
It's YOUR life, YOURS...no one else can activate this remembering deep inside you.
Filled with mystery, sensuality and deep inner knowing.
Your intuition will be activated as a new surge of beauty and truth moves through you, beckoning you, calling you forward. And yet there is space, there is time, there is support. No need to rush, no need to push, it's all unfolding perfectly.
Over the course of 5 days together you will uncover what you would like to call into your world. If you had a blank check, a blank canvas if it ALL was available to you?

'No Matter what'

Day 01: N'Importe Quoi

Embrace the energy of your desires no matter what. You will release the fear of going BIG and what that means for your identity.

Day 02: Donne l'inspiration a ta vie 

'Give inspiration to your life'

Move beyond the competitive mind and into the creative mind. Learn how to source inspiration for your life without falling into feeling trapped, not good enough or overwhelmed.

Day 03: Raison D'être

'Reason for being'

Reconnect with why you are really here. Infuse the reason of your being into the paradigms of health, wealth, beauty and love.

Day 04: Sacred Oui

'Sacred Yes'

Learn how to uncover and 


your sacred YES. What it means, how to find it and how to discern what's true for you.

Day 05: Riche


What it means to be rich to you. How to expand beyond the set point of sacrifice, loss, plateau and being relatable so you can share your gifts, your impact and EXPERIENCE the life that is truly calling you.





all of our lives will change 

This movement will reach far beyond what we know is possible. We will be entering into an energetic field of possibilities, luxury, expansion and grace like the world has never known.
I will see you soon.