A NEW masterclass

The fear of being replaced is a deep feminine wound

We all experience it in different ways...

Our life experience opens us to a choice.

We can believe in the wound.

or believe in the truth.

over the course of this 3 day Masterclass you will unleash the truth.

the truth that there is no one else like you. and there will never be.

it is now time to live into this truth.

unlock your power, your wisdom and your unqiue gifts.

what happens to your world when you realize you are truly irreplaceable?

new masterclass

“I have so many wins and successes since working with Tara. She has taught me to be very clear in my desires. After being very clear about the man and relationship I desire, I met my amazing husband and have the most beautiful relationship. My husband and my home are my biggest wins. My work situation is also amazing at this time. It was terrible before coming to Elegant Femme. I am truly living a beautiful life.” -Jennifer Jackson

“Thank you, Tara. I feel beautiful and powerful with intention supporting me in all my interactions today. It is an infinity flow of energy that is growing with each interaction and multiplying.”- Farzana

“Tara’s courses are invaluable. She has a gift for this teaching. This is not a run-of-the-mill course . . . because of my FemmeTypes discoveries in Elegant Femme, I am supported in navigating the beginning of a long-overdue and major lifestyle change for me and my husband, and instead of letting my faux-New Yorker voice try to “fix” everything, my Indie is gently reminding me to do my path and be supportive of my husband’s path . . . this is a major shift for me.” - Laurie Swanson

“Tara, I wanted to send you a HUGE Thank You for the Love, Energy, and Inspiration that I received from taking your program. I feel like I have grown so much and received so much! This experience gifted me a chance to really deepen my relationship with my Self and see where I have been choosing to be “stuck.” Thank you for this experience.” - Sarah Kearney

What she said 

Chère femme,

There is a place inside that knows...

You know you have all you require inside.
You know everything around you is a reflection of your inner world


February 21-23 

Over 3 days together you will rediscover the truth.

You will unleash you unique presence to the world.

You will feel the courage to say YES and honor what is calling you...now

And you will heal as we all heal and embody the most gorgeous gift from creation.

We are ALL irreplaceable

Calls will be held on Zoom and in the private fb group. 
Times will be released upon registration.

*Session will be recorded*

Bonjour, Chérie

I’m Tara

Frenchie, EnNeAgram 4, ManifestinG Generator, Author, Fashion Designer, Lover of beauty and soul

Elegant Femme was born when Tara healed her own relationship with desire. Miraculously, that journey revealed her life’s purpose–– to support women as they awaken the truth of their feminine souls.

Tara has created an almost 10 million dollar lifestyle brand, that honors women remembering their wholeness through her proprietary system of  The FemmeTypes.  She supports women to honor their desires and quality of life as they create abundance in the world.

This work is ethereal, it’s transcendent, it’s transformative. Trust yourself, femme. You were created to experience the pleasure-filled life you desire.

Mentor, maman, & creator of The FemmeTypes that guide women to their most sacred alignment & heartfelt desires