About Tara

Who Am I ?

What do YOU really need
to know about me?

You need to know that I have been in some pretty tough places and then come out from the other side and built a beautiful life…

You need to know that I have felt what you have felt. That I have experienced self-doubt, shame, guilt, disappointment, hurt, anger, grief AND that through all of it, I have overcome and processed those experiences and feelings and allowed them to fuel me. They helped me create a life of freedom… instead of feeling as if I’m paralyzed with no choices.

I have honored the depth of my experiences, my stories and utilized them as an internal power to guide me and support me in my ultimate unfolding. I teach women around the world to do the same. It is not about getting rid of your story or forgetting your past, it is about a deep integration, an evolution that becomes a platform for a new trajectory. A trajectory for the beautiful life you are meant to live.

Over the course of my life, I have lost my first-born son, overcome an eating disorder, been divorced and remarried, moved away from my home country AND moved into my version of my beautiful life. I created a successful business that’s assisted thousands of women to awaken to their deepest calling. Been blessed with 2 incredible boys and a loving husband of 15 years and started a fashion line. Below, you will find the details of my journey, the heartache, and the triumph. It is my intention that the reveal of my story offers you hope, inspiration, connection, and deep permission, so that you too can live the life you were born to live. Your own version of your Beautiful Life.

Here is where I have been, REALLY where I have been. I did not hold back because I know that we all have stuff and to pretend that women reach success with some fairy dust is not the real deal.

Below I share ALL of me…why? Because I have learned that…

le Futur


I have chosen to take a sabbatical and not work from the beginning of June – September. During this time, I will be sailing with my family, exploring new adventures…and RECEIVING.

I am being asked to share a powerful level of truth with the world and I need time and space to receive it. We need to REST in order to RECEIVE.

My intention is to set forward a brand new way of BEING in the world and honoring ourselves as women.

I am taking this sabbatical so I can be more of the woman I am here to be, the soul I am here to honor and allow my life to be even more spirit led. In the meantime…our team is here. See you soon!

There areTWOtypes of womenin the world…

Those who believe life happens to them…

And those who know that life happens for them

Which one are you choosing to be?