An Unconventional Path Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Choose


He could not bare to see her this way.  

She was his everything.  

They had been married for only 2 short years.  But he had known her for his entire life. They had grown up together.  Their parents had decided long ago that they would make the perfect couple.  Even though when he was younger he thought arranged marriages were absurd, he felt grateful every day for his precious wife.  

His parents and grand parents had lived in the region for years, hundreds actually.  His entire lineage covered this part of the country. Yes they were noble and descendants of royalty, but that had not ever made him feel extra special.  It was just a part of him.

He grew up with servants and chateau playgrounds.  But more importantly to him, he had grown up with honor.  He had always felt a place of belonging. His father and grandfather had instilled in him that honoring your family, keeping your word, protecting your country were of vital importance.

Now as he sat in his study staring at the wall, he had never felt so helpless.  

How could he honor his wife, his love, his life?

He had no idea what to do.  

As he sat in front of his large walnut desk, he pulled out the thin drawer where he kept his special documents.  This desk had been his fathers, and his father before him. It was incredibly large and masculine and he always felt auspicious sitting behind it.

The small thin drawer opened and he pulled out the last letter his father had written to him.

Dearest Son,

There will come a time in your life when you have fear, when you have doubt.  Know that at this time you will feel darkness. You will have a choice. You can try to run and hide, only to be consumed by the darkness…or you can STAND.  Stand in the face of fear, stand in the face of doubt and CHOOSE. Choose the light, choose life. Choose LOVE.

I am with you always,



As he read the words on the page he felt his heart race.  He could not stand by and watch his wife in so much pain. He could not let his fear of not knowing what to do stop him from supporting her, loving her, holding her.

He felt a sudden urge to see her, to run to her.  

It was uncontrollable.

The force inside of him was so strong that he immediately pushed his tall chair back.  As he stood, the chair came to a crashing fall.

He ran, he ran all the way down the corridor to her, leaving it all behind him.  He knew he had to get to her.

His hand reached the door and as he flung it open he saw her laying there on the floor in a pool of blood.