An Unconventional Path Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Why Now?



He screamed form the depth of his being.


Don’t take her from me!  God please NO! I need her!

They was no one there to hear his heartfelt screams.  They were alone in the large estate. Adalina had let all the staff go right after they lost the baby.  She insisted she wanted to be alone.


His hands were trembling as he turned his beloved wife over to see her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted.  

She looked beautiful and at peace.

He began to shake her fiercely.

Adalina!  He shouted

Adalina!  Come back to me.  

He knew it was too late, but he could not stop trying to wake her.

Suddenly a warmth rushed over him.  He watched as the thick drapes of the window parted.  

He stopped immediately.  

He gently placed his wife’s body back on the cold stone ground and walked to the window.

Below him on the estate grounds he saw an image.  The silahouette was wrapped in along white cloak.

He knew instantly it was her.

Her long thick black hair gently caressing her low back, she turned her head back towards the estate… back to him.

Her arms were holding a baby, snuggled tight into her chest.  She waved to him and lifted her hand to softly blow him a kiss.  

He watched her memorized as she walked towards the far end of the garden towards the rose bushes.  

White roses were her favorite.  

Slowly and elegantly she lifted a rose from the ground and gestured to him at the window.  With arms outstretched.

He wanted to join them.  It would be so easy. He turned around and saw the long sliver of wood that had been his wife’s demise.  

His heart ached for her, for them.  

They could be together…forever.

He turned back around to see her, arms still outstretched beckoning him to come.

His heart aching.

But he knew he could not go.  

Not yet.

He did not know why, he did not know how he was going to live without her…but he knew he could not take his life.  

He turned back to her tears streaming down his face.  He opened the long pane of glass.

I LOVE you Adalina!  I will love you forever!  Go my sweet! Go!

He blew her a kiss.

He could barely see her now, a soft mist began to settle around the chateau grounds.  

Before she was completely out of sight he saw her transform.

With their baby in one arm and a white rose in another she began to descend into the earth.

Slowly he watched her fade, the soft remnants of her cape settling into the earth.

She was gone!

He began to scream again.

Adalina!  NO! Come back!

He raced out of the room and down the stairs.

Down the corridor his hands grasped the thick banister finally reaching the ground floor.

He bolted out the large iron door towards the garden.  Running at a speed he had never reached before, he could hear the gravel crunching with every step.

The garden was right in front of him, if he could reach it in time maybe he could still go with her.

But it was too late.

Nothing was there.

He got down on his hands and knees digging into the dirt with all his strength.


He kept digging, his fingers now covered in mud and his hands scrapped up by tiny rocks.  

Finally, he felt something under his right hand as he lifted up a fistful of dirt.

Shaking off the dark earth he was surprised at that he found.  A small figurine about one inch tall. It was in the shape of a dancer.  Grasping it in his palm he brought his head to his heart. He had no idea what the significance of the figurine was, but he knew his life would never be the same.

As he held the tiny figurine tight in his hand he looked backup at the estate, stunned.  He felt so alone.

What was he going to do with his wife?  Who was he without her?

Just then he heard the familiar sound of crunching gravel shaking him out of his trance.

He looked up to see a carriage coming up the path.  The post chaise was elegantly drawn by four strong black Friesian horses.  

From what he could see there was no driver.

He suddenly felt very uneasy.

Who was in this stately carriage?  Why now?