Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – An Unconventional Path

They all gathered around the table.  

THE table.  

The 18th-century Baroque farm table made of walnut.

The dark green leaves of the Cyprus trees whispered behind the blue sky.  She could hear her kids running and playing around the vineyards in the distance.

She leaned forward and poured Molly a beautiful glass of Barolo.

“Wow, can you believe it?  5 years have passed and I still can’t believe this is MY life.”

She received a gorgeous breathe and looked out over the Tuscan countryside.  Her home, filled with beauty.  The autumn leaves balancing on the trees.  The soft sun slowly moving into the fields.

“This is my home!  This is my life. I never dreamed it could be this amazing!”

“Well, of course, it is Ma Bella, who else would be living this life?” said a handsome Italian man.  

He was tall for an Italian, about 5’10”.  She smiled up at her loving husband.  They had been together for over 4 years now and had two adorable little girls, Tatiana and Amira.  She had dreamt about them for so long and now finally she was their mother!  

She was a mother!

A tear formed in her eye.

She thought back to her ‘old’ life.  The despair she used to feel inside, the longing for something MORE.  

She remembered hating her body and she remembered…the crumbs.

As she looked around her life now, she felt the abundance.  She was embodying her truth, she was fulfilled in her life.  Her days were now filled with a new energy, she was open, expansive and trusting.  

Her body even felt different.  

She no longer felt guilty and spent her time exploring what made her feel good, rather then what made her feel bad.  In fact, now she followed through on what she wanted instead of spinning her wheels or pretending she was making progress.

She smiled at how much had shifted for her.  She had learned where to focus on her life, and what opportunities to follow.  

She now allowed her soul lead.

The home that had belonged to her great-grandparents had been discovered by Molly years ago.  She and Sue were the only descendants left.  Since Sue had no interest in Italy, the farmhouse had become hers.  

She looked at Molly lovingly.

“If it had not been for you, I would have never known this life.”

“That is not true and you know it.  You said YES!  You followed the process, you honored your unconventional path and followed your soul’s calling.  I didn’t do that for you!”

She smiled, she knew what her dear friend said was true and it felt good to allow herself to receive it.  She did say YES.  She allowed herself to make the decisions that were truly in alignment with her soul.

They had become so close over the years.  They had both opened up to a new level of their souls calling.  Together sitting here they were reminded that anything was possible when they allowed their soul to led.

“I really remember it like it was yesterday.  The day I looked you up on Facebook.”

Molly laughed.  She remembered hearing the story for the first time years ago.  She grabbed her friend in a warm embrace.

“If I remember correctly you had some not so nice things to say about me that night on your Facebook adventure.  Ehmmm?” Molly joked.

“Do you know what it was?  It was like I could see myself in you.  I wanted what you had and yet I didn’t know I was capable of it or if it was meant for me.  So I was angry at you.  For a moment I let it stop me.  Once you discovered the process and guided me through it everything became clear. I knew I had my OWN path.   I knew I needed to leave California.  I knew I required to open myself up to love and stop hiding.  But without the process of knowing EXACTLY what to focus on, I would have kept focusing on what I thought would bring me happiness, like my job.  That is what changed my life!  Trusting myself to focus on what my soul wanted, not what I thought I wanted.”

She paused for a moment, remembering her own journey.

“It was a challenging transition for me at first, it felt so different and yet there was also such a relief.  I had to admit to myself that maybe there was another way.  I learned that what I was focusing on was not bringing me the results I wanted.  Even though I thought that working hard and going out on dates and following the standard path would bring me what I wanted…it didn’t.  It took Sue picking me up off the floor that day and going to Italy.  It took me letting go of what I thought I needed and uncovering where I was really being led.  I required to surrender to what my soul truly wanted and in the end, that actually brought me the life I had always dreamed.”

Molly was shaking her head in agreement looking at her beautiful friend.  She could not believe that a few years ago they were not even talking.

“What I love about this story, even more, Molly chimed in, is that I was going through my OWN shift at that same time!  It is such a powerful example of us looking outside of ourselves and judging ourselves by someone else’s success.  In fact, for me, that has been one of the most powerful shifts since going through the process myself.  I was being asked to reexamine my idea of success.  I was being asked by spirit to shift my focus and I knew something needed to change, but I couldn’t see it clearly.  When I identified my soul led focus that night in this very farmhouse…”

Molly looked over at the doorway and her mind drifted back to that magical night five years ago.

“I completely changed my driving force.  Up until that point, my books were about fashion and beauty, which as you know I still love.  Yet, my deepest calling is to share about spirituality and teach others how to awaken and follow their soul-led focus.   Allowing that shift in my life changed everything.  It was scary to take that leap.  I had to detach from my identity as a big author and risk losing some of my biggest fans.  But I knew in my heart I HAD to do it.  I required to take that risk inside of myself so I could experience what I was really here to experience.  What my SOUL wanted to experience.  I feel more fulfilled, more aware and more in touch.  I also realize I am less of a control freak!”

Mark brought a gorgeous plate of eggplant parmigiana to the table, piping hot.  Molly’s mouth began to water as she reached for a fresh piece of Pane di Genzano.  

“Did I overhear a bit of mushy conversation between you two gorgeous ladies?”  Mark inquired with his typical charm.  He respected the friendship the two of them had built over the years and he knew that whenever they came together big things were about to happen.

“I will never forget the night Molly was here in Tuscany and the boys and I stayed home.  That day changed our lives. It changed mine.  I knew Molly wasn’t completely happy.   As a husband, it pained me to see her that way.  I had no idea that her following her path would inspire me to follow mine.  We already had an incredible relationship, yet now it is at a completely new level.” Mark shared, grabbing Molly’s hand.

The tall Italian man sat down next to Mark and said: “honestly you are right Mark, this is where it gets really good!”

“Seriously Frank, if Molly had not slowed down and gone where her soul needed to go, I might not have felt motivated to seek out my path.  I would not have taken the leap to producing movies that have deep meaning for people.  It is crazy how it works out actually, ya know?  I would not have believed that I was capable of creating an empire, I thought that was Molly’s job.  Sorry, Mol.”  He said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh, believe me, Mark, I KNOW you are kidding!”  She answered her husband of almost 30 years with a sarcastic grin.  

Just then a black Audi S8 4.0T drove up in front of the house.

She was the first to see it out of the corner of her eye.

A man in a Brioni suit exited the car.  He walked straight towards her “Mrs. Patrick,” he said.  “I have an urgent calling for you.  Please come with me.”

She closed her eyes, she was being called forward…again.  She didn’t know how or what and her body began to tense.  She listened inside as she received a gorgeous breath.  The voice inside, the voice of her soul,  told her all she needed to know…

“Let me love you.”


Authors note:

Breathe, close your eyes for a moment.  Allow the story to be with you.  Allow yourself to LIVE the story, just for a moment.  LISTEN.  What is present for you?  LISTEN in the silence.

Allow the silence.


Your Soul, what does it have to say?  What is true for you right now?

What if you allow yourself to be LOVED by your soul?

I’ll be in touch,

With deep love,

Tara Ann

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